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Brown Girls Do Yoga Too/An Ode To Yoga


     I love yoga. It makes me feel strong. It gives me flexibility. It helps me clear my head. Yoga is awesome. I always encourage my friends and family to try it. I saw a big to do about an article about a black girl in a yoga class(written by a non black girl). I thought that the article was uncalled for. Of course people of all color do yoga. Yoga doesn’t have a color. It is for everyone. 

     So, I thought that I would have my famous twitter friends discuss it with the head of the magazine(because that is how they roll) and then someone responded to me that I needed to write a response essay. Oh please. Do you really think the head of the magazine that I have lost all respect for is going to read my article? No, because she never read my comments on her magazine’s website(where I was trashed and drug through the mud for talking about the affordability of healthy food). 

     So here is my attempt at an essay that does not involve curse words(yeah when I get really mad, I curse). The article was racist trash and I don’t think it should have been published. I don’t care if the poster child is a black editor(not all black people actually care about black people). So if you read the article and it made you mad, go do yoga somewhere else. In fact do a pose every time you think about the article. Do some deep breathing too. Because racists cannot speak for us. Yoga is for everyone. Yoga is universal. 


Training Day 90/Om



So today was another amazing yoga class. It turns out I have more flexibility than I thought. It was just a blast. I love yoga. I even picked up some cool books to help in my practice. 
Yesterday I ran/walked three miles with a friend(who totally left me alone and we got into an argument, but worked it out today). 
Question: When you run with a buddy, do you stay their pace or do you leave them? Just wondering 🙂 Me, I would not leave a slower buddy.


Training Day 73/Namaste



So a friend of a friend told me about free yoga classes on Saturdays, I went over the weekend and loved it! The teacher was so cool and def. in shape. She was so nice. It was like a sport yoga. I had a blast. 
I think the weight increase is also due to my little friend lol. 
I know that I have added muscles to my body as well 🙂 
Right now I am just staying positive, I finish my first semester back in school next week(then Lord willing I will only have three classes left, plus an internship so that means I am getting closer to graduation in May), I hope to find a job soon(now the options have been expanded so I am looking for anywhere in the US lol). 
So just focusing on those things along with training at the moment. I am so excited about yoga(going to download some podcasts). I got a cute new pink mat(yes, I really do love pink). 
Have a blessed and wonderful day  friends 🙂

Sweat Once A Day(2) Sweaty Is As Sweaty Does


Yay! I got my ten miles in. This is my last long run of the week until race day. I also plan to do some yoga later. When I was running I started with my jacket on and then I had to take it off because I was sweating so much. I had to later put my jacket back on because the sweat was cold lol. 

I spent a lot of time running and singing today. I was in a really good mood. Its like your own personal karoke when no one else is out(which happens often). I would love to go to the gym but it is such a trek. A few years ago, it was only a walk and a bus ride to get to the gym and my body thanked me for it. Now, its more like improvising(I have 5,8,10,12,15,20 lb weights). 

How are you sweating today?