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31 Days To Writing Your Story(23) For The Days When Your Blog /Life Feels Small


     When you or your blog feel small just remember that we all have to start somewhere. Also, just because you feel small doesn’t mean you are. Today begins National Just Write month(that’s what it seems like to me). So since I am working on my first book, I think its great. 

     Take time to listen to some great music or read what your favorite authors have to say about life and writing. This should help get your body and mind moving and grooving in the right direction. Whatever you do don’t stop living or writing. You have greatness inside every part of you and it has to come out. 

     So happy writing and happy living 🙂 

Current word count:4,204 

Words still to write: 45,796


30 Days Of Truth(23) Something You Wish You Had Done In Your Life


My short answer is everything. So here is a list of all the things I still want to do in my life. 

1. FInish my book

2. Graduate

3. Get a good job

4. Travel to all of the islands

5. Have a house with a dog and a cat

6. Go on a yoga retreat

7. Do a triathlon

8. Go to India

9. Go kayaking

10. Go on a nature retreat

11. Meet Oprah

12. Meet President Obama

13. Help others

14.Give back to the world in a meaningful way

15. Live every day to the fullest

These are in no particular order 🙂

What do you want to do?


31 Days To Write Your Story(22) What If It Isn’t Successful


     Well first things first, just getting this book written will make it a success to me. Just seeing the inspiration and encouragement and support from others helps me to make everyday a success. Because I didn’t know what kind of expectations to have(of course we all want to meet Oprah), every positive is a step in the right direction. Like I mentioned before, the only blog I have successfully maintained was my Sparkpeople fitness blog. So the sheer fact that I have been able to continue to blog, makes me feel like a success. 

     So, if you are stuck with a huge idea, or are in a swirl of self doubt(which has totally been me because I had the bright idea to write this book three years ago). Don’t give up. Just ask God for wisdom and He will show you the way. Sometimes I just say “Lord, help me” and that gets me out of my own way. 

     I hope that you find your success today 🙂

31 Days To Writing Your Story(21) Remembering Who We Write For


Pink lotus

I cannot forget who I write for. I write for myself(for healing and understanding) and I write for others(so people can know that things do get better). Sometimes we have to write just because the words are pent up in our bones and are rushing to come out. I write for all the kids in the world who are trying to live and enjoy being a kid.

I write for all of the women who have been abused and hurt and need to know that there is hope. I write for the down and out. I write for the voiceless who aren’t being heard. I write for the teachers who told me that I couldn’t. I write for the people who told me I could. I write because I have been writing my journey my whole life. I write so that I don’t forget. I write to honor those who have gone before. I write for those who weren’t able to write. I write for the past, present, and the future.

I write because I can’t stop. Too many words and ideas and thoughts keep swimming around in my head. I write because its the easiest way to get it out. I write because I am happy, sad, confused, and excited. I write because I can’t think of not writing. I write because my story is still being written. I write because writing is a true gift. I write because it is so important to me.

Who do you write for?

30 Days Of Truth(21) A Good Friend Is In The Hospital After You Just Had An Argument, What Do You Do?


     Ok, have to say depending on what the argument was about. I would be rushing to the hospital. If we just came to blows or the person said we were never going to be friends again. I would pray for the person. I am a huge grudge holder. So, once you are on my do not talk to forever list, it is truly a wrap. If it was a petty argument(which I have been known to have) I would definitely be in the hospital. 

Yes, I agree this was a weird question for the day. 


31 Days To Writing Your Story(20) Because Jesus Is In The Details


     If you are a believer, Jesus is in every moment of your life. The good, the bad, the happy, and the sad. These are also moments that will make up your story. Your voice needs to be heard so that others can know how God truly works. Some of us think that we are on different journeys but the truth is, they are more alike than we know. Take time to write about your journey because it matters. 

      Have a blessed day 🙂

30 Days Of Truth(20) Your Views On Drugs And Alcohol


     Wow, this is going to be a doozey of a post. I am in recovery from alcohol(coming up on two years). I have actually always been against drugs and alcohol. Then I started to drink when I turned 25(due to being given a drink without knowing there was alcohol in it and being off to the races). 

     I grew up around drugs and alcohol my whole life. I also grew up with DARE and Just Say No To Drugs. So, even though I was around drugs and alcohol, I was told that I could not even think about doing them. Seeing the effects that drugs and alcohol had on the people around me, I didn’t want to even attempt it. I didn’t see the point. My parents were huge cigarette smokers too and even though I tried one once, it just didn’t make sense to me. 

     After my Mom passed from COPD(due to smoking), my family told me to start living my life. So I hung out with people who partied and just drank water and then cranberry juice. Once I stepped my toes in the pool of alcohol, everything clicked. I never fit in when I was out partying but the alcohol helped me to forget that for the most part. Until it made me remember everything else. 

     I am a very sensitive person(literally) and I’m super hyper without coffee(that’s one reason why I don’t drink coffee and I hate the taste). So the alcohol tapped every part of my sensitivity. I would go straight from being loud and wacky to sleepy and blacking out. So even though my drinking career was short lived, it was still long enough for me to remember and not want to go back. 

     Also, while drinking I accepted scraps from tons of guys who drank and did drugs. Looking back on certain quasi-relationships, when I am asked if I would have been with those people if I were not drinking, I say absolutely not. I was sober in my last relationship but I didn’t have very much emotional sobriety. I thought that once a person professed his love for me(which has only happened twice in my life) that it would be enough to overcome any and everything. I didn’t listen to my intuition(even though it was ringing loudly). Now I know that saying you love someone and loving someone are two different things. I also made it clear to that person that I was not having kids with someone who wasn’t sober(because that would have been repeating my life all over again). 

     Once I stopped partying, my people, places, and things changed dramatically. All of my party friends still party and when I am in a really good mood(aka can ignore the jabs about my non-drinking) I can see people and have fun with my cranberry juice. I wish people could see that I’m still me just better sober. 

     I like to think that I have a lot of fun in recovery. Being sober allows me to have sober thoughts in all areas of my life. Even though I am an uber romantic, I know that I can evaluate who I let into my life with both eyes open. Usually because I am so sensitive, as soon as someone says something that irks me to my core, I shut down and politely remove myself from their presence. 

     Drugs are a no brainer for me now. No matter how hot or how fine an addict might be, in my eyes, an addict will always be an addict. As a result, I cannot let myself get too close. I believe that while drugs may make a person think that they feel out of this world, they slowly eat away at the brain. I truly believe that. So my ideal partner would not use drugs or alcohol. 

    In the meantime I just live my life one day at a time and try to be the best me I can. Sober.