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31 Days To Writing Your Story(17) How To Write Yourself Out Of The Dark


SF- (8)

All writers go through this at some point(I was there for a few days). I had to talk to other writers, read other writers, and get a new focus.┬áTalking to other writers is great because you get their wisdom(and how they were able to get past it). Reading other writers is great when you can’t talk to a writer in person or when you are an introvert/perfectionist who wants to go it alone. Getting a new focus helps because you can change your frame of reference and find new inspiration.

So I changed my view of my story and am looking at smaller chunks. Now I feel excited and actually wrote a lot last night(while plowing through the Lizzie Bennet Diaries). So I have a plan and focus for today. Remember that when you feel like you are in the dark, write something new to get on the path to the sunshine.


31 Days To Write Your Story(5)Just Write, Don’t Worry If Its Just Right


Ah yes, the never ending critic. This may be a huge voice in your head, or other people. When starting out writing, you literally just have to write no matter what. This is going to be my motto while I embark on this new writing journey.

What are you writing?