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Mercy-Lent Day 15


Lord, have mercy.
Christ, have mercy.
Make wide the way of repentance in us,
and graciously close the mouth of the accuser.
Deliver us from evil, and lead us not into temptation.
Deliver us from remorse and from whatever is remorseful in us.
Deliver us from all that darkens and dehumanizes us.
For yours is the fullness and flourishing of life, forever and ever.

Mercy, everyone wants it. How quick are you to give it? Sure its easy for me to show mercy to people I like and to strangers. It is a whole different animal when it comes to my enemy. So I pray that I can have more mercy toward everyone. 

Today was a really good day. I did everything that I was asked to do. I even ordered my cap and gown. I notified family and friends. I went on a nice walk and met up with an old exercise buddy. We had a great talk(she had lost 120 pounds with gastric bypass). I found out that no matter how much you have to lose or how you lose it, we all have the same struggles. I don’t know how long it will take but I hope to tackle my room tomorrow and of course put away laundry. I am started to feel better as each day goes on. That is a true blessing. 

Sweet dreams



To NaNo Or Not To NaNo?


     Hello, it is day five of NaNoWriMo. I don’t remember who first told me about it, but it always sounded exciting. Until I tried to write a story and I couldn’t. I believe that was back in 2006. Well, I am currently an active NaNoWriMo participant. To non writers, I know it must seem weird to want to write 50,000 words in a month. But the catch is, if your story gets picked, it can get published. That is the dream of all writers. Yes, because even though some say they write just because, deep down they want tons of people to read it. 

     Here is my rant. I just read a blog about a writer who is anti-NaNo. Why would you tell someone not to write? When I was teaching, the only reason why I told any minority teaching prospect not to do it was because of what I had to go through(my real experience). I have taught kids in some form or fashion since I was seven. So, when I was given rejection after rejection in the teaching field, I took a hard look at myself and I realized it wasn’t my fault. I just wasn’t what principals and school districts wanted(as they amazingly awed at my resume). That’s not reality, that’s politics. So I changed my life plan. I still don’t know where my journey is going to end. 

     People are not going to lose money because they choose to take time out of their day and commit to writing. If you write a book and get tons of rejections, I think that is ok because at least you succeeded in writing the book. I know I may face that and I plan to be happy that I wrote my story. 

      So if you are reading this and have any inkling that you have a story in you that needs to get out, just go for it and don’t worry about the haters 🙂


31 Days To Write Your Story(7)Words Have The Power Of Life In Them


This is so true. I find that this affects me most when the words are spoken. Words have the ability to go straight to my core. So if I say something mean to someone, I’m pretty mad. For the most part, I try to speak positively to others because I want to be spoken to positively. It is always interesting to see the words that people choose to use in writing and in conversation. 

I was thinking about this a lot last night. I hope to speak as positively as I can today. No matter what my insides are saying. I am a highly sensitive person(who is also an extrovert) and I think it would be interesting if I treated others as highly sensitive(just to be kind and see what kind of reaction I get). 

What words are you choosing today?