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30 Days Of Truth(19) What Do You Think Of Religion



Well, religion can be seen by some as a hot topic. We are taught that it is not polite to discuss religion at the dinner table. Please remember these are only my opinions. I think that religion is awesome. I find that religion is a path for many to draw closer to what they believe in. The quote that sticks in my brain is “Religion is for people who don’t want to go to hell, and spirituality is for those who have been through it”. This quote gets attributed to many people. One version is said to come from Frank Warren.

Because I have grown up with religion all of my life(born and raised Baptist, changed membership to Presbyterian, now just go by Christian, even though I am probably a dyed in the wool Baptist for life). My undergrad degree is actually in theology(people outside of Christian circles don’t really tend to care too much about that). I love learning about religion and how people live out their faith. This is one reason why I love to hear how people with no religion live. I always try to hear them out and look at things from their point of view.

I know that Jesus didn’t call me to be a jerk to those who believe differently than I do. So nine times out of ten I truly do try to listen to what someone has to say. I really hate it when some people try to paint all Christians with the same brush. I don’t do that(anymore) and it saddens me when people do it. I try to judge people on their own merits. Also, just because I am a Christian doesn’t mean that I agree with everything that another Christian says.

It saddens me when people kill each other in the name of religion. It also saddens me when people look at only the Old Testament and don’t look at the New(because when you do that, you don’t get to actually meet Jesus). I know that religion is a foundation of the lives of many in the world and I think that we all have more in common than we care to know.

Thanks for reading and pray for me as I pray for you 🙂