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Neighborhood Social Processes, Physical Conditions, and Disaster-Related Mortality: The case of the 1995 Chicago Heat Wave Browning et al. 2006


Research questions: 1. What structural characteristics of neighborhoods (affluence, residential stability, population density, and age structure) were associated with mortality during the heat wave? 2. What social processes and commercial characteristics of communities (collective efficacy, social network interaction and exchange, commercial density, and commercial decline) were associated with heat wave mortality (and to what extent did variation in these conditions account for structural associations)?3. Did differences in social or commercial conditions result in some communities largely escaping the lethal effects of the heat wave?
Purpose: To generate insight into neighborhood-level characteristics that buffer local populations from the impact of heat waves and potentially from other types of disasters
Hypotheses: Focus on the components of Kleinberg’s work that includes hypothesized links among neighborhood social structure, commercial infrastructure, and conditions that support or impede the engagement of elderly residents with their communities 1) estimate the mortality rate for older adults age 60 and older during the July 1995 heat wave 2) investigate the relationship between structural characteristics of neighborhoods(affluence, residential stability, population density, and age structure) and variation in heat related mortality 3) examine whether neighborhood level collective efficacy, social networks, and commercial conditions are associated with heat wave mortality and account for neighborhood structural effects on this outcome 4) consider the extent to which some neighborhoods were effectively protected from heat related mortality
Data: Four data sources are used including 1) the 1990 Decennial Census 2) the 1994-1995 Project on Human Development in Chicago Neighborhoods Community Survey (CPHDCN-CS) 3)the 1995 Project on Human Development in Chicago Neighborhoods Systematic Social Observation(PHDCN-SSO) 4) the 1990-1996 Illinois Department of Public Health Vital Statistics data on mortality in Chicago. The sample focuses on those aged 60 and older.
Main findings:
• Substantially higher magnitude of the intercept for the heat wave week (-8.23) compared to the intercept for non-heat wave weeks(-9.29)
• The mortality rate for the 1995 was 2.9 times the average rate for the entire period (e1.06)
• Age, African American race, and male sex increase the log mortality rate substantially
• As age increases, the heightened vulnerability of African Americans declines compared to Whites
• The relative advantage of women over men declines with age
• Latino women did not experience a decreased risk of death compared to men
• Kleinberg’s 2002 data from the City of Chicago coroner’s office did not indicate if the relative vulnerability of men and African Americans differed from their average levels
• There was no evidence of variation in the effects of social composition during the heat wave
• There was no evidence of a Latino advantage in mortality rates during the heat wave compared to Whites
• Kleinberg’s expectations regarding the effects of population density and social isolation held under average conditions
1. What are strategies to address vulnerabilities in order to reduce mortality?
2. How would you seek to make the case for commercial increase throughout a city?

Street2Feet 5k Recap


Hello all,

Over the weekend I ran my first Street2Feet 5k. Street2Feet is the running group through SAMMinistries that is comprised of members who are seeking services at Haven For Hope and anyone who has ever been as Haven For Hope. It is also open to anyone who just wants to run with great people.

I was excited about the race when I went to packet pickup and I told some friends that I would meet them at 5am to participate in the race prep. Well, I was not done with my homework for stats so I spent the whole rest of the night working on it. I didn’t go to bed until 2am and woke up at, yep 5:37am. So I called a cab. I got to the race site and forgot my bib. So I had to make a trip back home. I got back to the race site and was able to help out with registration.

I ate a half of a bagel and one doughnut because doughnuts. I had decided that I would run the whole race. Usually I am a die hard run walker but I really wanted to try. Off I went and then I saw a girl running barefoot with nothing but KT tape on her arches and boy did I feel bad. I saw a lot of kids with their families. I encouraged every kid that I could who was walking to keep going. I figured they were young and had more energy than I did so why wouldn’t they be faster than me.

I walked at the water stop and I was so proud of myself. I kept running and then near the finish, a guy said that it was just a little bit to go until the actual finish line. I said thank you. I kept going and as soon I got to the finish all of my friends cheered for me and announced my name. I felt really good. I did it. I ran a race with just a little bit of walking. I felt like a superstar. We had instant results and I found out that I had placed 13th in my age group and I had a new 5k pr.

After as I was cheering on the other runners, an old acquaintance came up to me and asked me if I remembered him. I said yes and burst into tears. This was someone who had run the same race a few years back in 17 minutes. He was completely unrecognizable. And that is what addiction does, it makes you into someone you don’t even know. It is devastating.

I couldn’t shake the emotional roller coaster that I was on and tried to suck it up for pictures. I also met some really cool runners, including the guy who encouraged us at the finish(who ran the race in 19 minutes). A lot of people complimented me on my shirt(its my favorite shirt that says “Kiss My Sass”). I also gave a guy my number but we won’t talk about that, he’s way out of my league. You ever have times when people just take your number because they don’t want to be rude?

Then I went to the grocery store, bought some awesome roses, and got back to work. I took a break from coding to go to the movies on Sunday night with some running buddies. We saw McFarland,USA. It is an awesome true story and it will stay with me for a long time.



When The World Tells You That Your Life Doesn’t Matter


I woke up at 3am to knocking at my door. I was knocked out sleep so when I awoken I thought it was 5am. I yelled out who is it, who’s there? No reply. I looked out of the peep holes and couldn’t see anyone. I heard the knocks again. Same reply. I was freaked out. I hopped on facebook because that’s my usual wakeup habit. I liked a few things then I fell back asleep.

This morning I saw a few neighbors and asked them if that had happened before. They all said no. I let the maintenance man know. He advised me to call the police(that I should have called the police). Well, since I am not a stranger to calling the police(I have all of the substation numbers and the non emergency number in my phone, I have a few officers cards in my wallet). So I called the non emergency line. My call kept dropping so I in essence spoke to three different officers. They basically said that there was nothing that they could do and that if it happens again tonight, then I can call back and make a report.

Here’s my issue, why not just take everyone’s report down as being serious(to at least alleviate the person’s fears). Also, if anything else does happen, you can at least have a record to say that you were aware of the situation. That makes much more sense to me. This reminds me of the time that I reported a rape and the officers said that I was really behind the eight ball because I didn’t let them know sooner.

The crazy thing is I almost opened the door. I went up to the door and made sure the locks were locked. It took me a minute to realize that no one actually knows where I live(like people who I would have over) and that they would not come over at three am because I don’t party like that anymore.

So I guess I feel like if something bad does happen to me, everyone will just blame me after the fact because I failed to follow some illogical procedure.

That’s my rant of the day on not feeling protected.



Blah Monday


     I literally slept all day. I did not feel good. I did not want to do anything. I managed to wake up and make some yummy pancakes. Then I got myself together to go to the library. One of my classmates decided she wasn’t going to class(and I realized that sounded great). I told her I would let her know what she missed.

     Things are going okay with SP. I have been taking pictures of different activities to help him feel like he is there. He thinks I take nice pictures. That’s a first. I hope to take a photography class one day. I told him that I would do my best not to get mad at him while he is gone. I am also trying to stop complaining so much. He mentioned that he feels insecure about us(like he doesn’t understand what I would be doing with someone like him). So I told him that insecurity won’t help us grow together so he needs to decide if he wants to keep things the way they are or if he just wants to be friends. No pressure. I didn’t say it in a mean way.

     I’m so ready for the summer to be over. I’m just ready for the next phase of what my life is going to look like. Right now it looks pretty humdrum. I’m just finishing up assignment and starting a new job. I’m sure this time of my life is meant to teach me some lessons, I just wish I knew what they were. Yesterday I went to a fun pool party. Then we hit the town and caught a pretty awesome drag show. The ladies were amazing!

     I’m trying to wean myself off of sugar and right now, sugar is definitely winning. It really is a struggle but I am determined to do it. I guess I will call it a work in progress. Not all sugar, just the processed junk that my body always seems to have time for.



31 Days To Write Your Story(24) Because Stories Are More Interesting Than Statistics


I started this blog as a place to get the train started as I began to write my story. I found some great people with great ideas to start from. Then people started reading my blog. The first day I wrote, seven people checked out my blog. Now, we are past the five hundred mark and I still can’t believe it. I have never had people encourage me in my writing or tell me to go for it. Now people come out of the woodwork just to root me on. That is truly humbling.

I am a blog junkie. I have had in the past blogs anywhere I could. I love to read blogs. Blogs help me feel connected to people that I can’t just popover and visit(one day). Blogs make me laugh, make me see new perspectives, and even make me cry. So if you have a blog and you aren’t writing in it, please start. I need to hear what you have to say. It is important.

Yes, stories are way more interesting than statistics. I want to be happy with my blog no matter how many people read it. But having people read it and identify with it also helps me to know that I am not alone. That means that other people can get me the way I get them. That is awesome and I don’t want to miss it.

So, just in case you wondered who I was writing for, I write for myself. I only write what I am thinking or feeling at the moment. Because if I did anything different, it just would not be me. Also, I haven’t been fake since I was in elementary school and put tissue in my training bra(because I wanted to fit in). Yep, I haven’t been fake for awhile.

So here’s to blogging, writing, and sharing your  voice.

Current NaNoWriMo word count: 4,571

Words to Go: 45,429

Have a great day 🙂

30 Days of Truth(24) Make A Play List To Someone(aka the move on jams)


This playlist is for all my exes because these are the songs I find myself playing when one of them crosses my mind:

1. Payphone by Maroon5 and Wiz Khalifa because its the truth and it makes me dance at the same time 🙂 Plus, Wiz kills his verses 🙂

2. Let It Go by Keyshia Cole f. Missy and Kim because this song is still the jam and everyone’s verse says “Hey you wish”

3. Heartless by Kanye because even though I have issues with Kanye this song is the truth

4. Ain’t Gon’ Cry by Mary J. Blige because Mary speaks more truth and I love Waiting to Exhale

5. Up Out My Face by Mariah Carey the reprise because nothing says keep it moving like a live marching band 🙂

6. Shake It Off by Mariah Carey because everybody knows when they have to shake off the nonsense. 

7. Wait Till You See My Smile by Alicia Keys because even though you might cry for a minute, just remember why it didn’t work out and you can smile.

8. Cry Me A River by Justin Timberlake because everybody can catch feelings  but once you realize they aren’t the same, you gotta bounce. 

9 .Say Something by Timbaland and Drake because people act funny when you do better. Oh well.

10. Let Him Fly by The Dixie Chicks because when you have done all you can in the relationship, you have to let it go. 

11. She Let Herself Go by George Strait because when you do things for yourself, they turn out much better.

12. What Hurts The Most by Rascall Flatts because everybody has a low point in their journey. 

13. Blame It On Me by Chrisette Michelle because sometimes you just have to go and you don’t care if the other person doesn’t want to take responsibility for their part. 

14. Epiphany by Chrisette Michelle because once you know in your knower, you have to move on.

15. Survivor by Destiny’s Child because its one of my ultimate motivation songs and I am a survivor 🙂

16. Chain of Fools by Aretha Franklin because when you can admit that someone played you, you can do better and work on you so that it doesn’t happen in the future. 

17. RESPECT by Aretha Franklin because when you have respect for yourself you won’t tolerate disrespect from a partner

18. Thinking Of You by Kesha because its motivating and is a great response when people keep blowing up your phone. 

19. Uninvited by Alanis Morissette because sometimes you just have to let people know that they don’t have a spot in your life anymore

20. Jar Of Hearts by Christina Perri because she puts your thoughts together so perfectly. Also, its ok to ask someone “Who do you think you are?”. 

Well, I could probably go on and on but I think this is definitely a good playlist whenever you need a boost or need to shake off a non reality thought about someone who treated you badly in reality.