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The Day That Left Me Speechless AKA Today


     So today I got to my site an hour early. I made my way to a bagel shop. Training was pretty much a blur. We were offered double meat pizza for lunch so a classmate suggested we hunt for veggie fare. I was treated and I treated another student. Well, the student did not want the chips or drink(so into my bag it went). We got out a little early and everyone was ready for the weekend. 

     I missed the bus that would have taken me to my interview so I took a cab. The cab driver did not know where he was going and went to the wrong destination. We finally made it to where I needed to be. I told him that I needed a discount because he took me to the wrong location, so he knocked five dollars off. I went into the building. I was greeted and led to the interview office. 

     I sat down and I was asked various questions related to my previous interview and how I was growing. I gave positive answers. I was asked about my degree completion and what I was going to do upon graduating. I mentioned the doc program. I was then told that the interviewer did not feel comfortable recommending me for a job because I did not seem stable. I was then told about the job(that I was not going to be recommended for). I was asked why I was considering a doc program(of course). Both interviewers told me about their experiences. They also expressed their concern in my applying for a doc program. Mind you, I only sat down with them one other time in November. I calmly explained my reasoning and a little bit about the week I had had. 

      I had made the statement for my thought behind my reasoning for not getting the site position. They agreed that my reasoning was not the reason why I did not get it.Both interviewers asked me my age. They stated that I was immature in my development. I replied that since I was as old as I am, I did not think that there would be too much change in my development(I believe they were speaking to emotional development). They also stated that this would be a problem for me in my future endeavors. They said that I was too impulsive and that it was not good for me. 

      I was then told that if I accepted the part time job(which would lead to a full time job for the next year), I would then be given recommendations for a better doc program(because my program was “not a good one” and that there were better ones). The interviewers said that they believed there was a spark in me and that they would mentor me. They said that they had my best interest at heart. I asked if I could work and still go to school. They explained that people who had worked for them full time were not able to complete a doc program(they had seen it happen too many times before). They told me that I needed to take the weekend and then email them my decision. I thanked the interviewers for their time. I then walked three miles home. 

     I was so shocked because I thought “Man, my own family doesn’t even talk to me like that.” A friend told me that they were trying to black mail me into taking the position. I strengthened my resolve even further and I wrote my essays for the doc program. I am so grateful for all of the supportive people that I have in my life. Today was just further confirmation of the path God has in store for me.