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Some Background Leading Up To Today


Hey friends!

                      I have a huge blog post to write but I have to give you a recap of what happened that led up to it. Ok, so in my program we all have to do an internship(two actually). I called every place in town(and emailed) in order to get an interview for a spot. My classmates actually made fun of me for the way I went about it(but I saw it as a job search). So, a classmate had told me about a place that I had my heart set on in the summer. So I emailed. I didn’t hear anything back so I kept going. I spoke to a professor and she recommended me. The place my heart was set on contacted me for an interview(I had a bad feeling when the person mentioned that they had gotten my resume in July and it was now November). So I went to the interview. The place that my heart was set on was filled with old friends and acquaintances along with many people who had helped me along the way. We went on a group tour, a group interview, followed by a one on one interview). I felt that I was the only one out of the group who wanted to be there and was excited about it. 

     Well, it was time for the one on one interview and I was asked why I had been at the place my heart was set on, was being there a part of my recovery, why I chose counseling as a profession, and then I was told it sounded like all I wanted was a job. Long story short, I was very honest in my interview. When I was asked that series of questions, everything inside me changed and I knew I wasn’t getting the position. I was told that I would find out on Monday if I was accepted but I was actually emailed a few hours later that I did not get it. My bubble was burst. 

A few weeks later the interviewer called me and told me that I had a bright future and if I needed anything(like a job) to give them a call. I was stunned. What did that mean?