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31 Days To Writing Your Story(21) Remembering Who We Write For


Pink lotus

I cannot forget who I write for. I write for myself(for healing and understanding) and I write for others(so people can know that things do get better). Sometimes we have to write just because the words are pent up in our bones and are rushing to come out. I write for all the kids in the world who are trying to live and enjoy being a kid.

I write for all of the women who have been abused and hurt and need to know that there is hope. I write for the down and out. I write for the voiceless who aren’t being heard. I write for the teachers who told me that I couldn’t. I write for the people who told me I could. I write because I have been writing my journey my whole life. I write so that I don’t forget. I write to honor those who have gone before. I write for those who weren’t able to write. I write for the past, present, and the future.

I write because I can’t stop. Too many words and ideas and thoughts keep swimming around in my head. I write because its the easiest way to get it out. I write because I am happy, sad, confused, and excited. I write because I can’t think of not writing. I write because my story is still being written. I write because writing is a true gift. I write because it is so important to me.

Who do you write for?