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30 Days Of Truth(30) What I Love About Me


     Oh wow, I love everything about myself. Today I am really loving my hair and my style. Yes, I know I’m not the most stylish person but I think I do ok most days. I love my sense of humor. I love when something makes me laugh so hard my whole body laughs with me. I love my sense of beauty. I feel like I see beauty in most things and I love that. 

     I don’t want to take this time to only talk about me(even though I do a really good job at that). What are some things that you love about yourself? This is the last day of the 30 days of truth journey. I will try and think of something else to write about for the next 30 days. If you have any ideas please feel free to share. 

Have a blessed day 🙂

30 Days Of Truth(28) What If You Were Pregnant?


     Well, this is another weird prompt. If I were pregnant I would keep the baby. In the past I had those fleeting thoughts that I was pregnant and then mother nature laughed and said no, not today. I think every girl wants the happy ever after story ending. So, of course I hope to be married when I finally do have kids. But at this moment, no relationship and no kids. 

     I have always loved working with kids so I thought I would be a natural at taking care of my own. First, I have to take care of myself. Some days that seems to be like a hard enough task. I think that happy well adjusted parents are the key to happy well adjusted kids. 

    Please note that these are just my opinions about myself. I believe women have the right to do what is best for their own bodies. I am a Pro-Choice Christian because I am not God and everyone makes choices. 


30 Days Of Truth(23) Something You Wish You Had Done In Your Life


My short answer is everything. So here is a list of all the things I still want to do in my life. 

1. FInish my book

2. Graduate

3. Get a good job

4. Travel to all of the islands

5. Have a house with a dog and a cat

6. Go on a yoga retreat

7. Do a triathlon

8. Go to India

9. Go kayaking

10. Go on a nature retreat

11. Meet Oprah

12. Meet President Obama

13. Help others

14.Give back to the world in a meaningful way

15. Live every day to the fullest

These are in no particular order 🙂

What do you want to do?


30 Days Of Truth(21) A Good Friend Is In The Hospital After You Just Had An Argument, What Do You Do?


     Ok, have to say depending on what the argument was about. I would be rushing to the hospital. If we just came to blows or the person said we were never going to be friends again. I would pray for the person. I am a huge grudge holder. So, once you are on my do not talk to forever list, it is truly a wrap. If it was a petty argument(which I have been known to have) I would definitely be in the hospital. 

Yes, I agree this was a weird question for the day.