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Training Day 189


Dec 22, 2010

Hey friends, 
Yesterday morning, I found out that I could only get the apartment if I put down an extra deposit. I was not able to do that. So I got my deposit back. I was given the number of a local apt locator(who I just happened to know, a really lazy person). I called him and he was still sleeping(after 9 am). So, I checked the mailbox, of course no check. I called a lot of apts. I found one that had immediate move in, and a move in special. So I zoomed over there, filled out the app, gave all of my supporting documents, explained my situation. They said we will give you a call and you can come pick up the keys after work!! They called me like an hour later. I picked up the keys after work. Regarding the missing check, it was at the main office(they had never even mailed it). 

So today I am going to go to the post office and change my address and then get all of my stuff and move them into my new place. The new place is only a one bedroom(so maybe I will be able to part with some of my belongings that I don’t quite need anymore). But it has a washer dryer connection(which is what I really needed). I plan to get my stuff out of storage in a few weeks(after I save up some money for movers). 

It will be so nice to have all of my stuff(its been in storage for atleast 2 years, I know there is some stuff of my Mom’s that has been there atleast five). The other cool thing about my new place, I will be right by the track near the hospitals(so I will get to glance at some nice eye candy lol). 

In other news, the date that was to be, did not happen. He didn’t text me at all or return a phone call(left before the time of 7 o’clock that the date was supposed to happen). Am I upset, no. I just think its rude to make a plan with someone and not get back to them about not being able to make it. 
But enough about me 🙂 I hope that you have a great day! 

Training Day 187


Dec 20, 2010

Hey  friends, 
I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend. Here’s my weekend update. 
I did not have the opportunity to visit my friend on Saturday because he passed on Friday afternoon. My friend is going for an appointment about the funeral arrangements today. So I just ask for continued prayer for her and the family. 

On Friday, the landlady said that the water was not working at the house. So I told her that I could not move in without water. After calling the water company, they asked for someone to be at the house while the emergency team took a look. When I called her to find out if she could do it, she acted like she couldn’t(I definitely could not because I work until 5pm). So I told her not to worry about it. I called up an apartment locator. I called a few places. I visited a lot on Saturday and found one that I liked. I put down a deposit and they said if everything goes through, I could be in today or tomorrow. 
My school gave me two of my three checks on Friday, so I am hoping they mailed the third one on Friday. I am praying that it makes it to my mailbox today or tomorrow. 

I decided to have coffee with the ‘texter’. There was no chemistry. He had the nerve to say “I didn’t have any advanced notice”. So I said “Well, the three or four other times that I attempted to meet you for coffee, you found some excuse for why it could not happen”. 
So after talking and spending time with friends, a friend told one of her friends about me and we exchanged numbers. So, I have a date tomorrow night(of course I will let you know how it goes), we had a good first conversation last night. 
Since all of my pants seem to be too big and I can’t seem to find any of my belts, I had to break down and get some new jeans at walmart. I was able to get a size ten and they feel great 🙂 
Talk to ya later 🙂 

Training Day 186


Dec 17, 2010

Hey friends! What I was excited about the other day was my day boss said that once I get a car, my job duties will change(with higher pay). How awesome is that? 
In other news, I didn’t get a paycheck this week. After I called accounting, I found out that I was not paid all month!!! So I expect to receive all of my checks tonight 🙂 Praise!! 
My Uncle sent me a Christmas present! I found unexpected money in an old savings account. And drum roll please (lol). I move in to my new place on Sunday!! 
So, I plan to get a new car in a few weeks 🙂 
Yay!! Praise! 
In not so good news, my friend was sent to a nursing home(something about medicare) and got worse so he is back in the hospital. I will be visiting him tomorrow. So he and his family need lots of prayers right now. 
I hope that you all have a great holiday(I know we will be in touch before then). I am going to my sister’s for Christmas(and I am excited I get to bring gifts). 
Love you!! 

Training Day 184


Dec 15, 2010

This morning I almost went postal on a postal worker! I got up at 4 am to make the 500 bus that got me to the post office at 530am. I see all my mail except my check that comes religiously every Wednesday. So I start yelling through my po box to get their attention. They let me know that the day’s mail doesn’t come until 10am!! OMG. 
So I have to do the same thing tomorrow 😦 
Good news, I get to move into my new place on Sunday! My coworkers offered to help me with the move. 
I am in a really good mood at the moment! 
Remember, everything happens for a reason… 

Training Day 183


Dec 14, 2010

Well, I was up at 5am this morning in order to be ready to catch the bus to work(the last time I was up early was for the half). The day has gone smoothly(I mopped the floors twice and took a few messages). I have just been thinking how I am going to fit in my training(definitely the weekend, maybe this is why long runs are usually on the weekend). 

Great story from last night: Myself and my super hot coworker had to ride the school bus last night(can you believe he sat NEXT to me)—swooning over here(haha). He is such a cool guy(he’s been explaining Middle Eastern culture to me, and teaching me some Arabic. We had a great conversation last night. Is it ok to have a work crush? (If I don’t act on it hee hee). Then he tells me that he is an artist and he was an art teacher in his country(how cool is that). Ack! I feel like such a kid right now. 
I will let you know how it goes.

My sister is in town this week for a conference and due to my new job, my schedule is super tight so I am taking a bus to meet her at a shopping place then she is going to take me to my night gig. I really wanted to spend time with her in the hotel but maybe some other time. She said she will pick me up for Christmas(so I get to see her again next weekend lol). I love my sister a lot. She is probably my biggest role model. She’s awesome(even when she gets upset with me). 

So, I hope I get home a little earlier tonight(12:30am was not too cool). Then the dude I have been talking to had the nerve to text me and say “Text me when you get a car”. Do you know I almost slapped him through the phone!! I was like “Oh ok sure, text you so you can think of another excuse why we won’t see each other”. I guess he got mad because he called me(to try and smooth things over). I had to explain to him that its not like I can snap my fingers and get a new car(I don’t have it like that lol). He apologized but really, he has been doing stupid stuff since when I had a car. 
My actual attitude is forget you because I am the one who is now working 11 hour days the rest of the month until they turn into 12 next month. I don’t have time for any nonsense. You Know 🙂 
My aunt laughed because she said atleast we know I won’t be able to get into any trouble 🙂 

Have any of you worked two jobs before? I did it before and it was a little crazy. At the moment, it seems like all I have to do is keep up with my bus schedules(why does every trip have to be 3 transfers I will never know). 
I also think this is payback for me working 3 hours a day since Sept. lol 
Don’t think for a moment that I am complaining!! I am just trying to rack my brain around it all. 
Love you guys 🙂 

Training Day 182


Dec 13, 2010

Hey  friends! Guess what? Our prayers were answered 🙂 
I was going to take the bus this morning to visit a temp agency when my friends stopped by and said they would give me a ride because they were going to see our friend in the hospital. I said ok. They dropped me off and I went inside the temp agency, when I was told that I needed to apply online!!! So, I called my friends and told them I was walking to the hospital. 
On the way there, I was called about the secretary interview, I was asked if I could come in today. I said yes. I went to the hospital and saw my friend. His wife let me use some makeup. We all had a relatively nice visit, when I headed out to the bus to go to the interview. I make it(on time). I speak to the owner, and fill out the application. He asks me when can I start, I say tomorrow. We talk about my bus riding lol. I tell him, I already mapped the way. Then he tells me some other things related to the position and he tells me to come tomorrow! I got the job(and I didn’t faint)!!! 
I take the bus to my night job. I am so excited but my phone is drained(because I didn’t get a chance to charge it). So I get to work and my friend lets me use her cellphone and I call my sister(who is visiting). 
So, I now just have to figure out how I am going to go and get my check and pay some bills(but I’m not freaking out). 
I also found out that I can start my tutoring back up once I move(so as they say when it rains it pours). 
I just wanted to tell you guys how much I appreciate you for listening to me(even when I don’t make sense) and how much your encouragement means to me. 
Lots of Love 🙂 

Training Day 181


Dec 12, 2010

So today I decided to use my workout as an excuse to go eat at a local diner lol. My numbers were off yesterday because I average 5 miles in 50-55minutes. So today I ran/walked down to the diner in 53 minutes and walked back for a total of 1:43(10.5-11miles give or take). So I now realize why my half time was the way it was(all of those people lmao and the water breaks). 
Today I am getting things ready for tomorrow and scouring the job section of the paper. 
As I read through the latest issue of Running Times, I saw a great article about running resolutions for the new year(or you can start today). 
Let me list them for you(so you can pick some too). 
1. Run your fastest mile of the last five years 
2. Run a 100-mile week 
3. Run every day of the year(*my pick) 
4. Do 60 push ups(* my pick) 
5. Improve your hamstring flexibility by 20 degrees(* my pick) 
I guess I thought there were more than that(maybe I was delirious after yesterday). 
Just a little something to add to your joy 🙂 
Hope you all have a great day!! 
Thanks again for all of your encouragement and support!!