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Something New



     Today I made Soba noodles for the first time ever. They were delicious. I made them with a green curry paste and an assortment of spices. The problem I have when I make something good. I don’t make enough of it. They were so good I am tempted to make them for breakfast. 

     I woke up not feeling very well(my voice was on the verge of leaving, I blame the ac). So I tried to take it easy. I participated in a podcast today  called Right To R.E.A.L. Love about cohabitation(the pros and cons). It was a lively discussion. I really enjoyed it. It should be available next month. 

     I missed the beginning of Extreme Weight Loss(which is one of my favorite shows). But I was able to catch a good portion of it. It was so inspirational and motivating. The contestant lost 150 pounds. She spoke about eating her pain(and I thought pain and shame). It made me think about what I am eating. I know that a lot of people eat out of comfort, I will have to do some research to find out why and tips to stop. So I pushed myself to do a workout before bed. 300 weighted squats, some other arm exercises with my 5lbers. I took the rest of my weights to storage. I hope to wake up early tomorrow and get in some movement before my day gets started. 

     I didn’t hear from SP,hopefully I hear from him tomorrow. I still haven’t quite figured out our time difference. I know that he is doing well. I am so proud of him(and everyone who has served/currently serving). So I am off to send an email ad hit the hay.




100 Questions


Jan 3, 2011

1. Why are you on Spark? 
To keep myself accountable. 

2. What works for you (weightloss)? 
Exercise and diet(I know I know we hear that all the time but its true) 

3. How did you find out? 
I think we are taught that at an early age 
4. Why do you do it? 
Because I want to be healthy and get this weight off 
5. When do you do it? 
In the morning(I spark throughout the day lol) 
6. Who helps you? 
God and my spark friends 
7. Where do you do it? 

8. How do you feel before/during/after you do it? 
Before – let’s do it 
During – ooh wee I feel the burn 
After – Yay! Time for a shower 

9. Do you love yourself? 
Not always 

10. All the time? 

11. Is your enabler also your disabler? 

**Now for the personal stuff 

13. What is your favourite colour? 

14. What does that colour signify to you? 
Happiness and love 🙂 

15. What is your ‘catch phrase’? 
don’t have one 
16. When do you say it most? 
17. Favourite number? Why? 
1-I love it lol 

18. Middle name/initial? 
19. Will you tell us the story behind your name? 
weird story 
20. In a relationship? 
No 😦 

21. Want to be in a relationship? 
Heck yes! 

22. Top or bottom? 
Both :p 

23. Boxers/briefs/commando on guys (yourself)? 
Any of the above lol 

24. Hipsters/boy shorts/thongs/briefs on girls (yourself)? 

25. Is comfort or style overrated? 
Style is overrated(you either have it or you dont) 

26. Fave go to healthy snack? 

27. Fave not healthy snack? 
Cake or ice cream 
28. Alcohol? 
I love it, but I didn’t have any on new years, so I kind of want to see how long I can go without it 

29. Fave drink? 
non alch-tea 
30. Best fast food burger? 
31. Best fries home/restaurant? 
32. Last thing you put in your mouth? 
greek yogurt 
33. Fave dinner meal? 
chicken or shrimp 
34. Can you make your fave meal? 

35. Share? 
can’t.. fam secret 

36. Smell that brings back a happy memory from childhood? 
anything that smells good on the stove 
37. What do you see when you look in the mirror? 
a nice body that will look even better soon 
38. What is more bothersome: shopping for new clothes because your stuff is too loose, or too tight? 
too tight – and i used to complain that when stuff was too loose “nothing fit me”.. ughhh 

39. What song is your personal anthem right now? 

40. Gotten really angry at anyone lately? 

41. No, I mean really, really angry? 
Oh yes. 

42. Has there been one phrase from your life that has struck you to the core? 
not that i can think of right now 

43. Find a positive one. 
You can do it. 

44. What is your mantra today? 
45. Ever played spin the bottle? 
46. When? 
As a kid 
47. Ever reverse-snort liquid out your nose after reading/seeing/hearing something funny? 
48. What came out? 
50. Want kids? 
51. Have kids? 

52. If yes to 51, do you want more? 

53. Are you working a job that you like/love/hate? 
i have two.. and both are okay i guess. not my dream jobs or anything 

54. What makes it worth working there? 
i have to live lol 
55. Star Wars or Star Trek? 
Star Wars. 

56. Vampires or zombies? 

57. Current fave show you cannot live without? 
Biggest Loser, anything reality lol 
58. Fave show that is not on right now, but you are waiting for? 
i dunno. 

59. Christmas? 
love it 

60. When is a good time to put up your tree? 

61. Other decorations? 
all over the place 

62. Turkey-white or brown meat? 

63. Stuffing? 
bad for you, but its a guilty pleasure 

64. Mashed potatoes or sweet potatoes? 

65. Fave Thanksgiving veggie? 
green beans 
66. Fave all time cookie? 
chocolate chip 
67. Lincoln logs or Tinker toys? 
Lincoln logs 
68. He-Man or She-Ra? 
70. Do you sneak snacks at present? 

71. Do you like to wrap presents? 

72. Do you want presents or gift cards this year? 

73. Pets? 

74. What kind (or if no pets, what) would you like to have? 
i want a dog and a cat 

75. Blog much? 
76. Get discouraged? 

77. How do you break through your blues? 
get my mind off of it 
78. Tea or coffee or hot chocolate? 
Tea & hot chocolate. 

80. Ever tried Poutine (french fries with cheese and gravy)? 

81. Do you have plants in your home? 
82. Ever lived as an adult at your parent/in-law’s? 
i lived with my mom and took care of her until she passed. 
83. What is the first thing you would do after winning the lottery…..say $20 mil? 
pay off college and buy a car. 

84. Facebook/Twitter/something else? 

85. Want to write a book? 
86. What is the last thing (on paper) that you read? 
too many to list 
87. What is the biggest hurdle you face today? 
getting everything I need at the grocery store 
89. What is the biggest hurdle young people face today? 
getting a job. boo. 

90. What is your greatest invention? 
i dont have one. lol 

91. Wax or shave? 

92. Bikini or brazilian? 

93. Zumba? 
Nah, I can just salsa at a club 🙂 
94. Romance or action flicks? 

95. Sci-Fi or Fantasy? 
96. “As you wish”—name the movie. 

97. Gold or platinum? 

99. Nail polish or naked? 
100. Cook or wash dishes? 

Training Day 197


Dec 29, 2010

Hello  friends 🙂 
It’s your crazy running buddy with an early morning rant. So over the weekend, I met a guy(we just had a conversation), when it was time for the conversation to end, the guy asked me for my number, I gave it to him. The guy has a girlfriend, so I thought he was saying that we were all going to hang out sometime. Nope, the guy asked me out to lunch and after not mentioning his girlfriend, I declined. Now he can’t stop saying that his girl goes out with her guy friends all the time. 

KARMA ALERT: I don’t think it is wise for a guy or girl in a relationship to go out alone with a single person of the opposite sex(AM I WRONG?). It’s just something I hold to my core(due to my lovely interactions with dudes who said they were single but were actually in relationships, and oh yeah the dude who always denied to my face that he was engaged even though he managed to marry said fiancee a few months back). 

I don’t know about you but I really don’t need any bad karma in my life(in fact I would love to be rid of all of it). So while it may be flattering, why aren’t any truly single guys around to admire my personality? Maybe its just not meant for me to know right now. 

In other news, keeping fingers crossed that the apt gets sprayed thoroughly today. I tried out Bob’s cardio last night and it was no joke(will try again later). My arms are a little sore(due to not doing regular pushups in probably years lol). 

Had an interesting conversation with a friend last night explaining why I have to eat differently this year(and actually saying outloud that I think I have had the same weight on my mid section for the past 10 years). See, even though I logged the miles and got the t-shirt lol, my eating was only maintaining my weight. 

After these past few days of weird eating, I know that my middle has no problem holding on to those same fat deposits(If I were a betting woman, I would bet my 20-30 pounds atleast are right in my mid section). I have maybe five pounds to lose in each arm, and then maybe ten in my legs. My friend was shocked that I said that I had 40 pounds to lose but I do. 

The only way that is going to happen is with a change in my eating(which I have never done before in life). See, when I was in high school, I weighed 125(still had my same bubble behind). So basically this is a challenge for myself because I also know that the only way that my times will change is with this weight off. I noticed it when I put on shirts(that used to be tight in the arm area), now stick right to my middle. I don’t like that. So here’s to more push ups and situps :)Wow! I think this is the first blog that I have ever written about my actual body before. 
On that note, let me go get my first cup of tea for the day. 
I hope you have a great day and no matter what challenges you may be facing, don’t give up 🙂 

Training Day 196


Dec 28, 2010

So, last night a friend told me to use white vinegar for the bugs! I sprayed pretty much everything(hope to get up the courage to attack the kitchen today). Praying that it works. I didn’t see anything this morning(so that was great). The office is supposed to spray tomorrow(fingers crossed) 
I am in a super good mood because I went to the back area of my office and I did 40 pushups(20 reg 20 girl), 40 crunches, and 60 jumping jacks. So, I plan to do this throughout the day(no one comes to the office) and see what happens. 
I plan to start the Bob dvd tonight(last night I went to see a friend in the hospital and then I was so tired, all I could do was spray and then go to sleep). 
Hope that you are all having a great day 🙂 
Remember that we will win in this new year 🙂 

Reflections on 2010


Dec 27, 2010

So, I thought it might be a good idea to write about something cheery. So I wanted to reflect on this past year as we gear up for the new one. Since I can be quite the list maker, this reflection will be numbered: 
1. I went from not having exercised on a regular basis(since 2007 atleast) to working out daily(in all matters of weather) 
2. I trained for and completed a half marathon(after running two miles at the most in the course of my life circa 1999). 
3. I gained a ton of new friends to share this journey with(who I can encourage and support while being encouraged by you) 
4. I picked up dumbells for the first time( yes, they will be used more in the coming year and I plan to add some other sizes too). 
5. I find myself not running away from a challenge, no matter what it may be(we have to learn our lessons somehow). 
6. I am totally addicted to all kinds of weight loss shows(and I have fellow tv addicts to share with) 
7. I look forward to buying new running shoes(and workout clothes) not just because I want to look cute but because I am close to my 500 mile mark(and can’t wait to see how many more miles I can log in 2011). 
8. Even though most of my real life(aka in person) friends told me that I was crazy for training for a half marathon, they all said congrats after I did it. 
9. Realized that as long as I am moving forward and making progress in my life, the opinions of others can start to weigh less. 
10. Is so thankful that Sparkpeople is free(I haven’t had the means to pay for other sites that may have caught my eye, but now I know that I don’t need to pay money for that). 
11. Being able to change your life without having to be chained to the gym-priceless(Not knocking them but you can achieve great results at home too). 
12. Crying over guys who didn’t mean anything in the long run and having spark friends to give me e hugs and not blame me for being a loser magnet-priceless 
13. Reading your amazing blogs(a huge highlight of my day) 
14. What would I do without the Daily Spark? I have no idea! I love it! 
15. Being able to keep smiling and not crying all the time-life saver 
16. Going through ups and downs and coming out stronger-priceless 
17. Knowing(truly knowing) that if a man really wants you, he will do what he needs to do to have you-makes everything easier(It’s ok that my dream man hasn’t shown up yet, it just might not be the right time, but I still have to live my life). 
18. Taking charge of my health-priceless 
19. Incorporating any kind of movement into my day in order to get my heart pumping-awesome! 
20. Taking time to be kinder to others and listening as much as possible-life changing 

So here are my big plans for the new year: 
1. Running 3-4 more half marathons 
2. Eating better(with an actual plan to stick to) 
3. Saving money for my personal trainer program and yoga instructor program(haven’t picked a program yet but a friend of mine did ISSA)-life changing 
4. More yoga 
5. More strength training 
6. Making my weight loss goals 
7. Having a blast with my sparkfriends througout it all 

So whatever your goals are(if you don’t have atleast one or two make some), let’s go hard into this new year and make it happen 🙂 


Training Day 195


Dec 27, 2010

Well, Christmas with my family was a blast. My sister lost a lot of weight a few years ago(she took a nutrition class and a meal plan was developed for her). So, she decided to give it a try again. I also decided to join her. Which will be totally great once I can use my kitchen. 
For some reason my weight only goes to my lower half(mainly the midsection). So, I really want to make more of an effort to do something about it. She also got this cool cup for her shakes(that mixes it in the cup). I want one 🙂 
In other news, I have to call the apartment again this morning because there is absolutely no food in my apartment but the bugs seem to not understand that. So I want my apartment to be sprayed ASAP so that I can be rid of the bugs and actually eat/make food in the kitchen. Basically, they did not clean the apartment at all(when the last tenant left), it looks like the only thing that was done was the floors were vacummed. Also, they lied and said I would have a 1 bedroom with a washer/dryer connection and I don’t. 
So, I am in need of a lot of prayer(as always). 
I got two of Bob’s dvd’s(a cardio one and a yoga one), I am going to try the cardio one tonight after work. 
Hope you have a great day! 

Training Day 190


Dec 23, 2010

So, after lugging all of my stuff into the new apartment(and dousing the kitchen and bathroom with boric acid and traps), I find that it does not have washer dryer connections! What a bummer! 
What else do I find, even though I am near the highway, it sounds like I am literally right next to it! I have been calling and no one is answering at the office.
So in a few weeks I can make the choice to move my stuff out of storage but I will still have to have a storage bill because of my washer and dryer. 
I am really shocked at how terrible the neighborhood is and I just got there. All I can say is it is a good thing I will be working a lot. But that means what do I have to look forward to on the weekend? 
I think its funny how when I think I have some worries deleted from my brain, a whole new set pop up. I think its terrible that just because I have not so good credit means that I have to live in a terrible place. I guess I will be roughing it and washing clothes by hand until I get a car. The complex is huge and I have no idea where the laundry facilities are. 
AND to make matters worse, they have the nerve to want a 60 day notice for moving out! 
It’s just going to be a very interesting time in my life. 
I had to take the rental car back last night 😦 Since the payment was higher than expected, I had to buy a bus ticket to go see my fam tomorrow. 
The good news is, I get to see my family, we all get to open presents together, and we get to eat Christmas dinner together 🙂 So everything gets to go according to schedule 🙂 
Since I don’t have a car, I don’t have any plans for new years. 
I think I may be losing weight in the next few weeks due to lack of access(NOT ADVISING IT WHATSOEVER). It is quite difficult to lug food around on the bus. I wish I had a fairy food mother who could come and stock my work fridge with food 🙂 
Stay tuned… 

Training Day 189


Dec 22, 2010

Hey friends, 
Yesterday morning, I found out that I could only get the apartment if I put down an extra deposit. I was not able to do that. So I got my deposit back. I was given the number of a local apt locator(who I just happened to know, a really lazy person). I called him and he was still sleeping(after 9 am). So, I checked the mailbox, of course no check. I called a lot of apts. I found one that had immediate move in, and a move in special. So I zoomed over there, filled out the app, gave all of my supporting documents, explained my situation. They said we will give you a call and you can come pick up the keys after work!! They called me like an hour later. I picked up the keys after work. Regarding the missing check, it was at the main office(they had never even mailed it). 

So today I am going to go to the post office and change my address and then get all of my stuff and move them into my new place. The new place is only a one bedroom(so maybe I will be able to part with some of my belongings that I don’t quite need anymore). But it has a washer dryer connection(which is what I really needed). I plan to get my stuff out of storage in a few weeks(after I save up some money for movers). 

It will be so nice to have all of my stuff(its been in storage for atleast 2 years, I know there is some stuff of my Mom’s that has been there atleast five). The other cool thing about my new place, I will be right by the track near the hospitals(so I will get to glance at some nice eye candy lol). 

In other news, the date that was to be, did not happen. He didn’t text me at all or return a phone call(left before the time of 7 o’clock that the date was supposed to happen). Am I upset, no. I just think its rude to make a plan with someone and not get back to them about not being able to make it. 
But enough about me 🙂 I hope that you have a great day! 

Training Day 187


Dec 20, 2010

Hey  friends, 
I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend. Here’s my weekend update. 
I did not have the opportunity to visit my friend on Saturday because he passed on Friday afternoon. My friend is going for an appointment about the funeral arrangements today. So I just ask for continued prayer for her and the family. 

On Friday, the landlady said that the water was not working at the house. So I told her that I could not move in without water. After calling the water company, they asked for someone to be at the house while the emergency team took a look. When I called her to find out if she could do it, she acted like she couldn’t(I definitely could not because I work until 5pm). So I told her not to worry about it. I called up an apartment locator. I called a few places. I visited a lot on Saturday and found one that I liked. I put down a deposit and they said if everything goes through, I could be in today or tomorrow. 
My school gave me two of my three checks on Friday, so I am hoping they mailed the third one on Friday. I am praying that it makes it to my mailbox today or tomorrow. 

I decided to have coffee with the ‘texter’. There was no chemistry. He had the nerve to say “I didn’t have any advanced notice”. So I said “Well, the three or four other times that I attempted to meet you for coffee, you found some excuse for why it could not happen”. 
So after talking and spending time with friends, a friend told one of her friends about me and we exchanged numbers. So, I have a date tomorrow night(of course I will let you know how it goes), we had a good first conversation last night. 
Since all of my pants seem to be too big and I can’t seem to find any of my belts, I had to break down and get some new jeans at walmart. I was able to get a size ten and they feel great 🙂 
Talk to ya later 🙂 

Training Day 186


Dec 17, 2010

Hey friends! What I was excited about the other day was my day boss said that once I get a car, my job duties will change(with higher pay). How awesome is that? 
In other news, I didn’t get a paycheck this week. After I called accounting, I found out that I was not paid all month!!! So I expect to receive all of my checks tonight 🙂 Praise!! 
My Uncle sent me a Christmas present! I found unexpected money in an old savings account. And drum roll please (lol). I move in to my new place on Sunday!! 
So, I plan to get a new car in a few weeks 🙂 
Yay!! Praise! 
In not so good news, my friend was sent to a nursing home(something about medicare) and got worse so he is back in the hospital. I will be visiting him tomorrow. So he and his family need lots of prayers right now. 
I hope that you all have a great holiday(I know we will be in touch before then). I am going to my sister’s for Christmas(and I am excited I get to bring gifts). 
Love you!!