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Dear God, Help Me To Be More Like You


     So, I got a bit of a reality check today. Basically I like people who like me and I hate people who hate me. Yes, I know its not the best attitude to have. Even though I do pray for my enemies, I have to ask God to give me the strength to forgive them. How can I be mad at someone for rubbing me the wrong way, when I rub people the wrong way all of the time? 

     This(along with my yummy dinner thanks wheat belly) are really weighing heavily on me tonight. Yeah, I can’t really show people God’s love when I am being a total jerk. Even though I think that the world works better when I am nice to people who are nice to me, this sadly is not quite reality. Its just me enjoying my unicorn. So tonight I’m praying hard for my enemies and myself. I am no better than anyone else(no matter how special I think I am). So I am thankful for old and new friends who can tell me the truth about myself. 

Shalom and blessings