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100 Questions


Jan 3, 2011

1. Why are you on Spark? 
To keep myself accountable. 

2. What works for you (weightloss)? 
Exercise and diet(I know I know we hear that all the time but its true) 

3. How did you find out? 
I think we are taught that at an early age 
4. Why do you do it? 
Because I want to be healthy and get this weight off 
5. When do you do it? 
In the morning(I spark throughout the day lol) 
6. Who helps you? 
God and my spark friends 
7. Where do you do it? 

8. How do you feel before/during/after you do it? 
Before – let’s do it 
During – ooh wee I feel the burn 
After – Yay! Time for a shower 

9. Do you love yourself? 
Not always 

10. All the time? 

11. Is your enabler also your disabler? 

**Now for the personal stuff 

13. What is your favourite colour? 

14. What does that colour signify to you? 
Happiness and love 🙂 

15. What is your ‘catch phrase’? 
don’t have one 
16. When do you say it most? 
17. Favourite number? Why? 
1-I love it lol 

18. Middle name/initial? 
19. Will you tell us the story behind your name? 
weird story 
20. In a relationship? 
No 😦 

21. Want to be in a relationship? 
Heck yes! 

22. Top or bottom? 
Both :p 

23. Boxers/briefs/commando on guys (yourself)? 
Any of the above lol 

24. Hipsters/boy shorts/thongs/briefs on girls (yourself)? 

25. Is comfort or style overrated? 
Style is overrated(you either have it or you dont) 

26. Fave go to healthy snack? 

27. Fave not healthy snack? 
Cake or ice cream 
28. Alcohol? 
I love it, but I didn’t have any on new years, so I kind of want to see how long I can go without it 

29. Fave drink? 
non alch-tea 
30. Best fast food burger? 
31. Best fries home/restaurant? 
32. Last thing you put in your mouth? 
greek yogurt 
33. Fave dinner meal? 
chicken or shrimp 
34. Can you make your fave meal? 

35. Share? 
can’t.. fam secret 

36. Smell that brings back a happy memory from childhood? 
anything that smells good on the stove 
37. What do you see when you look in the mirror? 
a nice body that will look even better soon 
38. What is more bothersome: shopping for new clothes because your stuff is too loose, or too tight? 
too tight – and i used to complain that when stuff was too loose “nothing fit me”.. ughhh 

39. What song is your personal anthem right now? 

40. Gotten really angry at anyone lately? 

41. No, I mean really, really angry? 
Oh yes. 

42. Has there been one phrase from your life that has struck you to the core? 
not that i can think of right now 

43. Find a positive one. 
You can do it. 

44. What is your mantra today? 
45. Ever played spin the bottle? 
46. When? 
As a kid 
47. Ever reverse-snort liquid out your nose after reading/seeing/hearing something funny? 
48. What came out? 
50. Want kids? 
51. Have kids? 

52. If yes to 51, do you want more? 

53. Are you working a job that you like/love/hate? 
i have two.. and both are okay i guess. not my dream jobs or anything 

54. What makes it worth working there? 
i have to live lol 
55. Star Wars or Star Trek? 
Star Wars. 

56. Vampires or zombies? 

57. Current fave show you cannot live without? 
Biggest Loser, anything reality lol 
58. Fave show that is not on right now, but you are waiting for? 
i dunno. 

59. Christmas? 
love it 

60. When is a good time to put up your tree? 

61. Other decorations? 
all over the place 

62. Turkey-white or brown meat? 

63. Stuffing? 
bad for you, but its a guilty pleasure 

64. Mashed potatoes or sweet potatoes? 

65. Fave Thanksgiving veggie? 
green beans 
66. Fave all time cookie? 
chocolate chip 
67. Lincoln logs or Tinker toys? 
Lincoln logs 
68. He-Man or She-Ra? 
70. Do you sneak snacks at present? 

71. Do you like to wrap presents? 

72. Do you want presents or gift cards this year? 

73. Pets? 

74. What kind (or if no pets, what) would you like to have? 
i want a dog and a cat 

75. Blog much? 
76. Get discouraged? 

77. How do you break through your blues? 
get my mind off of it 
78. Tea or coffee or hot chocolate? 
Tea & hot chocolate. 

80. Ever tried Poutine (french fries with cheese and gravy)? 

81. Do you have plants in your home? 
82. Ever lived as an adult at your parent/in-law’s? 
i lived with my mom and took care of her until she passed. 
83. What is the first thing you would do after winning the lottery…..say $20 mil? 
pay off college and buy a car. 

84. Facebook/Twitter/something else? 

85. Want to write a book? 
86. What is the last thing (on paper) that you read? 
too many to list 
87. What is the biggest hurdle you face today? 
getting everything I need at the grocery store 
89. What is the biggest hurdle young people face today? 
getting a job. boo. 

90. What is your greatest invention? 
i dont have one. lol 

91. Wax or shave? 

92. Bikini or brazilian? 

93. Zumba? 
Nah, I can just salsa at a club 🙂 
94. Romance or action flicks? 

95. Sci-Fi or Fantasy? 
96. “As you wish”—name the movie. 

97. Gold or platinum? 

99. Nail polish or naked? 
100. Cook or wash dishes?