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Training Day 197


Dec 29, 2010

Hello  friends 🙂 
It’s your crazy running buddy with an early morning rant. So over the weekend, I met a guy(we just had a conversation), when it was time for the conversation to end, the guy asked me for my number, I gave it to him. The guy has a girlfriend, so I thought he was saying that we were all going to hang out sometime. Nope, the guy asked me out to lunch and after not mentioning his girlfriend, I declined. Now he can’t stop saying that his girl goes out with her guy friends all the time. 

KARMA ALERT: I don’t think it is wise for a guy or girl in a relationship to go out alone with a single person of the opposite sex(AM I WRONG?). It’s just something I hold to my core(due to my lovely interactions with dudes who said they were single but were actually in relationships, and oh yeah the dude who always denied to my face that he was engaged even though he managed to marry said fiancee a few months back). 

I don’t know about you but I really don’t need any bad karma in my life(in fact I would love to be rid of all of it). So while it may be flattering, why aren’t any truly single guys around to admire my personality? Maybe its just not meant for me to know right now. 

In other news, keeping fingers crossed that the apt gets sprayed thoroughly today. I tried out Bob’s cardio last night and it was no joke(will try again later). My arms are a little sore(due to not doing regular pushups in probably years lol). 

Had an interesting conversation with a friend last night explaining why I have to eat differently this year(and actually saying outloud that I think I have had the same weight on my mid section for the past 10 years). See, even though I logged the miles and got the t-shirt lol, my eating was only maintaining my weight. 

After these past few days of weird eating, I know that my middle has no problem holding on to those same fat deposits(If I were a betting woman, I would bet my 20-30 pounds atleast are right in my mid section). I have maybe five pounds to lose in each arm, and then maybe ten in my legs. My friend was shocked that I said that I had 40 pounds to lose but I do. 

The only way that is going to happen is with a change in my eating(which I have never done before in life). See, when I was in high school, I weighed 125(still had my same bubble behind). So basically this is a challenge for myself because I also know that the only way that my times will change is with this weight off. I noticed it when I put on shirts(that used to be tight in the arm area), now stick right to my middle. I don’t like that. So here’s to more push ups and situps :)Wow! I think this is the first blog that I have ever written about my actual body before. 
On that note, let me go get my first cup of tea for the day. 
I hope you have a great day and no matter what challenges you may be facing, don’t give up 🙂 

Training Day 189


Dec 22, 2010

Hey friends, 
Yesterday morning, I found out that I could only get the apartment if I put down an extra deposit. I was not able to do that. So I got my deposit back. I was given the number of a local apt locator(who I just happened to know, a really lazy person). I called him and he was still sleeping(after 9 am). So, I checked the mailbox, of course no check. I called a lot of apts. I found one that had immediate move in, and a move in special. So I zoomed over there, filled out the app, gave all of my supporting documents, explained my situation. They said we will give you a call and you can come pick up the keys after work!! They called me like an hour later. I picked up the keys after work. Regarding the missing check, it was at the main office(they had never even mailed it). 

So today I am going to go to the post office and change my address and then get all of my stuff and move them into my new place. The new place is only a one bedroom(so maybe I will be able to part with some of my belongings that I don’t quite need anymore). But it has a washer dryer connection(which is what I really needed). I plan to get my stuff out of storage in a few weeks(after I save up some money for movers). 

It will be so nice to have all of my stuff(its been in storage for atleast 2 years, I know there is some stuff of my Mom’s that has been there atleast five). The other cool thing about my new place, I will be right by the track near the hospitals(so I will get to glance at some nice eye candy lol). 

In other news, the date that was to be, did not happen. He didn’t text me at all or return a phone call(left before the time of 7 o’clock that the date was supposed to happen). Am I upset, no. I just think its rude to make a plan with someone and not get back to them about not being able to make it. 
But enough about me 🙂 I hope that you have a great day! 

Training Day 187


Dec 20, 2010

Hey  friends, 
I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend. Here’s my weekend update. 
I did not have the opportunity to visit my friend on Saturday because he passed on Friday afternoon. My friend is going for an appointment about the funeral arrangements today. So I just ask for continued prayer for her and the family. 

On Friday, the landlady said that the water was not working at the house. So I told her that I could not move in without water. After calling the water company, they asked for someone to be at the house while the emergency team took a look. When I called her to find out if she could do it, she acted like she couldn’t(I definitely could not because I work until 5pm). So I told her not to worry about it. I called up an apartment locator. I called a few places. I visited a lot on Saturday and found one that I liked. I put down a deposit and they said if everything goes through, I could be in today or tomorrow. 
My school gave me two of my three checks on Friday, so I am hoping they mailed the third one on Friday. I am praying that it makes it to my mailbox today or tomorrow. 

I decided to have coffee with the ‘texter’. There was no chemistry. He had the nerve to say “I didn’t have any advanced notice”. So I said “Well, the three or four other times that I attempted to meet you for coffee, you found some excuse for why it could not happen”. 
So after talking and spending time with friends, a friend told one of her friends about me and we exchanged numbers. So, I have a date tomorrow night(of course I will let you know how it goes), we had a good first conversation last night. 
Since all of my pants seem to be too big and I can’t seem to find any of my belts, I had to break down and get some new jeans at walmart. I was able to get a size ten and they feel great 🙂 
Talk to ya later 🙂 

Training Day 176


Dec 7, 2010

So this morning an aquaintance texted me and said “Heck, all that running,you should be gorgeous”. I texted back “Well, I don’t think I stopped being gorgeous”. He is a douche. He has and will always be one. Then he says he came to town last week and didn’t call me because he didn’t think I wanted to see him DUH!. Long story short, he was an old crush who let me down over and over this past year and all of my feelings for him changed in the Spring. So, I don’t quite know if he realizes it but I don’t even like him like that. 
In other news, the new guy that I am “talking” to thinks I’m great(so pfft). 

This morning, one whole side of my head was hurting(it was weird). I totally focused on my breathing while I was running and that helped a lot. I decided that for my cross-training I will be doing strength training and yoga. 
I’m so excited about The Biggest Loser(but I can’t believe they are running a marathon, sounds like a bad idea to me). 

Training Day 160/Thirteen Days Until The Half


Nov 1, 2010

So yesterday I did five miles. I finally found the headphones that I am going to use for the race(they are nice and comfortable). I have a ton of laundry to do today. So, I am glad I can get it done. I am also tweaking my resume and making some contacts for subbing. 
Oh, in case you didn’t hear about the whole Marie Claire drama, I actually like the show Mike and Molly 🙂 I am all for people finding happiness no matter what they look like. I can confess, I have had the thought in my head that I would get a nice boyfriend once I made my weight goal. But I get snapped back to reality when I find myself meeting great guys the way I look now. The only thing I would like is to have a guy be interested in my personality and not just my booty(lol sad but true). 
I hope that you all have a great day and a wonderful week. All we can do is take forward steps and not let anything get in our way. 

Good Friday


Today is a Holy day for believers. Today is the day that Christ gave his life so that we could live. What joy, freedom,  and sadness. What would life look like if we honored Christ’s sacrifice everyday?
     I didn’t wake up thinking about the sacrifice.  I woke up to someone telling me that I was right. What a nice feeling.  I woke up to being in less pain than I was in last night.  I woke up to a new day.
     Anytime we feel like we need a fresh start,  Christ freely offers it to us. He just tells us to believe.  Having fresh faith and new belief is always a good start at anytime of the day.
     I finished the paper that I had been stressing about. I got really good feedback and I was able to give feedback to others. It was a great learning experience.
     I raced home as fast as I could in a tired jog to see Scandal. Of course it didn’t disappoint with twists and turns. There were a lot of great lines too. What struck me the most was the conversation between Olivia and Jake. She was it seemed like for the first time trying to be honest with herself.
    The only difference between Olivia and a lot of us is that we recognized our relationship mishaps and we let them go. I know its hard but at the end of the day you have to ask yourself if a wrong relationship is really right for you. The beauty of it is, only you have to be the judge of your relationship and only you can decide when you need to end it.
    Only some of us are lucky to have a great guy like Jake waiting in the wings. For the rest of us, we have to be willing to ride the ups and downs of our singleness. It is the only relationship we truly have control over.
     If our relationship with ourselves don’t matter to us, how can we expect to matter to another person. That is a whiwind in itself. Getting off that roller coaster was one of the best decisions I ever made for myself. 
So no, I’m not perfect today but I have a lot of blessings in my life that show me I’m going to be okay today.
Be blessed 🙂

Its Hard Out Here For Christian Dating


     We all know that as believers,  we are to date other like minded believers.  That is pretty close to impossible when Christian guys seem like they are nowhere to be found. This is the lament of most Christian singles over the age of eighteen.  So we are left bewildered and confused.
     The church teaches us that we are to date and marry believers but the practical how to is lost. Even when a girl does everything right(as some of my friends have) there are moments where you begin to lose faith when your Jude Law with a Bible is nowhere to be found,  or married, engaged,  or dating someone else. Especially when you do meet someone with potential and he says he isn’t dating right now or he isn’t asking you out. To alleviate those moments,  in the past I was quick to ask a guy out. But after learning my lesson the hard way,  I stopped.
     When you stop doing things that don’t work for you, you open yourself up to life. So if your reality is that no one is asking you out, you have to understand that now just may not be your time. This is also a good time to draw closer to God and find out His plan for your life. God usually doesn’t keep that a complete secret, we just have to keep asking and wait for the answer.
     I know that it is frustrating when you have no patience(like me), but I am finding that each day my capacity for patience increases. Then other days I just have to block relationships out of my mind because I think that since I don’t have any prospects then that just means that I’m not meant to be in a relationship.  This works for me most days until I see a hot guy or start comparing myself to someone in a relationship. 
     So yeah I don’t actually have all of the answers but I know God does. As far as I can tell, today is going to be another day of taking life one moment and breathe at a time and just because a guy can’t see how great I am doesn’t mean that I’m not great.
       So if you are having a moment where you feel like you are less than dirt because you are single, pray, and think one new thought about yourself even if you don’t believe it right now. One fake positive thought is better than your real negative ones. That is one thing that I have found to be true in my own life.
     If you don’t have anyone in your life to tell you one positive thing about you, just crack open God’s word because He thinks very highly of us all. If you can’t manage that, just pray and keep praying until something changes.

Sacrifice-Lent Day 14


Above all, we thank you for your Son Jesus Christ; for the truth of his Word and the example of his life; for his steadfast obedience, by which he overcame temptation; for his dying, through which he overcame death; and for his rising to life again, in which we are raised to the life of your kingdom.Grant us the gift of your Spirit, that we may know him and make him known; and through him, at all times and in all places, may give thanks to you in all things. Amen.(From the Book of Common Prayer)

     It is too awesome to think of the great sacrifice Christ paid for us. It is humbling and amazing at the same time. A debt that we can never repay. What a blessing. How often we take it for granted. So today I am thankful for all of my blessings, like being able to wake up and take sinus medicine, being able to walk and slowly recover. These are true gifts. 

     In other news, I only lasted one week online dating. That is sure to be a new record for me. I was on three sites this time. One secular and two Christian. On the free site, one hundred and forty-eight guys had viewed my profile and maybe fifteen messaged me. I did my best to message back most of the guys who visited my profile. It just clicked that it is silly for me to wait by the computer for guys to message me when I can live my life(and still shake my head in wonder at real guys who don’t give me the time of day). I deleted all three accounts. 

     It cannot be a fluke that I am single. So it just keeps dawning on me that I have to actually start to accept my reality. I am single and there really isn’t a darn thing that I can do about it(especially since I want a guy to pursue). Because don’t get me wrong, I have no problem lassoing a guy but the results aren’t pretty. 

    So if you are out there married or in a relationship, keep praying for all of us singles. Because it sure is hard out here. I can only speak for my own experiences. I have enough stories to fill a room. I also just realized that I have so many friends who have not had half of the experiences that I have had in my life and instead of having their own experiences, they just live vicariously through mine. I think that is sad. So I am going to do my best to stop having so many outlandish experiences. 

   It will be nice to one day be able to say hey I have my own house, I have a dog and a cat, I have a job that I am good at, I am secure. That will be a great story to tell. Instead right now, my big worry is if I am going to pay for a cap and gown to essentially have a stole that I already have. Another big worry is how I am going to make it to August because I just don’t know what its going to look like. 

     So all I can do right now is breathe, pray, and put one foot in front of the other. I think the further I stay out of the future, the better my present seems to go. 


Consider The Lilies-Lent Day 9


Consider the lilies is how the passage of Luke 12:27 begins. To consider the lilies requires taking time to notice the simple, small things that surround us. That requires looking at things outside of ourselves. Knowing that God takes care of these things and shows concern for everything, should bring comfort that He cares for me. 

Today was supposed to be a simple day. I had plans to meet a friend at a meeting and surprise, she did not show. I was bummed because we had made those plans. It just rolled me into a spiral of how I have to stop having expectations then I won’t be let down. I don’t know how introverts process being let down, but being the extrovert that I am, it completely bums me out and it shows. 

I went about my day when a UPS guy tried to flirt with me. He said “We could have had a nice conversation” and I said “Yes, we could have, have a nice day”. I mean what are you supposed to say to that? It made me realize that guys can literally find me anywhere. If or when they want to. Why am I always expected to make a move? I mean, if I give off a vibe that says “Hey I want to be in control”, I hope I can just wash my face and have it be removed. 

So I went to my counseling session and I think it is safe to say I went through a few emotions. Its kind of ironic that we expect our clients to just accept things that we don’t always want to. Basically, I am expected to soar and fly. I know that I can but I just want to roll up into a cozy blanket. Because apparently you can only go to counseling for a long time when it is psychotherapy not brief. 

I came home and checked out a few Boundless resources and podcasts. Whoo, I am doing my best to remain optimistic. I think dating and the dating game just sucks(excuse my language). Online dating isn’t evil. But its not heaven on earth either. Yeah, I know I keep flip flopping on my stance on online dating. I was looking for some holy grail to tell me it was evil and all of my trusted conservative sources approved. 

I am attempting to take it slow. That’s a lot for someone like me. Because really it makes me anxious. I am already the queen of over everything(analyzing, thinking, doing, etc). So I thought if I went in baby steps I would be ok. Well, not exactly. Married dudes have messaged me(defending their behavior), and I haven’t figured out why all the cute guys are atheist. Yes, it really is a jungle out there. I had a conversation with someone about how people present themselves online. It is so horrible and it seems like it is only getting worse(mind you I have been online dating in some form since 2006). 

So no, I know that I don’t have all of the answers. I probably don’t even have half of them. An online friend told me that I was awesome and there weren’t a lot of awesome guys out there. It does make me sad at moments because it is such a game. I know that I don’t play it well and I don’t understand why I have to continue playing it. 

So please keep me in your prayers that I find a great single guy who wants to get to know me and if not pray that I find contentment so that I can stop wanting what I can’t have. God knows my heart and knows the plans He has for my romantic life. I just have to keep trusting him. 


All The Christian Ladies Aka Dating As A Christian Single, Not For The Faint Of Heart


     So today the Thai guy mentioned that he was going to an art museum. I thought that sounded like fun. He invited me to join him. I jet to the museum to find him dressed so casually(not business casual). I was glad that I was dressed ok. We talked as we went from exhibit to exhibit(I am sure I was the loudest person in the whole place, or it just felt like I was). 

     At the end of our meet up, he took me to a store(to grab some food because I was starving). I bought some dark chocolate(71% cacao). Someone had taken one of my apples earlier in the day(because I didn’t eat it fast enough) so I had only had some nuts and a medium granny smith apple. 

     We bonded over his extensive playlists(I am a sucker for a music fan). It was fun. I was in a good mood. I think I had asked him at some point if he went to church. He mentioned that he didn’t(Christian girl problem #1). He asked me if I still wanted to go to dinner tomorrow and I said  yes because I had had a nice time. 

     Well, I hash out the details with three of my closest Christian supports. They reminded me of what my purpose was in dating. I am not dating just to date. I am dating in order to find a future mate. So, there is no point to date someone who does not share my same beliefs(no matter how hot he is). See that’s where I get in trouble(Christian girl problem #2). I have no problem glossing over important stuff if the guy is my type. That is so shallow of me. 

     I mentioned today that it seems like Christian girls are mandated to seek strong believers while Christian guys just date whoever they feel like dating. So usually when a Christian girl is dating a non believer, it is usually because she has to settle because Christian guys aren’t asking her out(Christian girl problem #3). 

     So when this nice guy asked me what a devotional was(after I explained I was reading my daily devotional), I explained what it was and then promptly deleted my online dating profiles. I had six men on one site check out my profile(and not message me) and I had one hundred and fifty guys check out my profile, twenty guys messaged me, and two guys asked me out(both non believers). On another site, I had guys let me know that that was not the site for me(with ten messaging me), so I promptly removed myself from that site. 

     Also it is hard when we have these standards and ideals of what we are looking for in a mate and no one who even remotely fits that criteria is actively pursuing us. Then add in shame and guilt from the past making me wonder if a great guy would even want to be with me. To leave a wonderful, mixed up, mess. 

    I also got tired of having to answer the same set of questions twenty times in a row.I don’t understand why guys ask questions when they know they don’t care about the answer. That is not cute. I asked a guy why guys do that and his answer was that they are looking for attention. 

     So call me premature, disillusioned, or what have you but I just needed to give up the ghost and be content with where I am in this moment. In this moment, I am single. I have to draw closer to God and focus on His plan for my life. His plans are greater than any that I could imagine. 

     I have to have faith that when I am meant to be in a relationship God will lead me on that path. So having faith, waiting, and working on myself should be enough to keep me busy until that time comes. 

Here’s to being true to yourself no matter what season you are in.