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30 Days Of Truth(12)Something You Never Get Compliments On


1. I never get compliments on my sensitivity. Now that could be because I run around telling people how sensitive I am. Or maybe because that might be a weird compliment. I’m not sure. So that is a weird response to a weird prompt. 

2. I never get complimented on being vegan. I think its great that I love animals, the planet, and myself. 

3. I never get complimented on being single. Yep, because everyone thinks singles need to be in a relationship. I think singles need to be in the right relationship and no matter how much I want one, the right one hasn’t appeared yet. 

4. I never get complimented on my laugh. I think its awesome and loud. 

5. I never get complimented on my shoulders. I think they are strong and amazing. 

Well, I guess the point is, if someone isn’t complimenting you, compliment yourself. 

What can you compliment yourself for?


30 Days Of Truth(11)Something People Seem To Compliment You The Most On


     I usually am complimented the most on my clothes and my hair. I am trying to learn how to take compliments on my clothes because I usually add “I got this at a thrift shop”. Well, I found out people just want to hear “Thank you”. So thank you to everyone who likes my style 🙂

     I get complimented on my hair a lot(usually because it is so huge, sometimes because people like the curl). So again, thank you for liking my hair. It totally makes up for the huge chunk of my life when my Mom totally hated it 🙂 My Mom wore a huge fro in the 60’s, so I think its only natural for me to do the same lol.

     So I spend a lot of time telling anyone who will listen to go natural and then hear all of the excuses for why they can’t go natural. My attitude is how can you not accept what is growing out of your head? If I lived in  a perfect world, my hair would be loc’ed. But since I don’t, I settle for my curly whatever shape its in today 🙂

    I could probably talk for hours and hours about natural hair but since I have other things to do today, I won’t. 

Is it hard for you to receive compliments?