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30 Days Of Truth(15) Something You Couldn’t Live Without, Because You’ve Tried Living Without It


Dear chocolate,

                          This post goes out to you(yum, yum,yum). I do not quite know when our love affair started but I’ve tried to quit you and have not quite been able to. You cheer me up when I am down, you turn my frown upside down. Oh chocolate, how do I love thee, let me count the ways. 

     Forever and a day I thought I could only love your milky way, until I woke up to your dark yummy goodness. Dark chocolate takes me to a whole ‘nother world that I could have never dreamed before. You bring such joy to my life. I hope that I don’t have to live without you again. 

     Chocolate thank you for all of the good times and always knowing just the right thing to do when I’m not at my best. Some say you are just like a drug, I cannot bear to disagree because I would not know what to do if I had to abstain from thee. Even the big book includes you in a page, there you are in black and white, how could I not indulge?

     Oh chocolate, thank you for the love and many varieties that you display(except for gasp white, such a disgrace to all things chocolate, which I will save for another day). Chocolate please don’t change unless its to say that you truly are calorie free. Then all of the chocoholics of the world would unite in happy glee. 

      Chocolate, thank you and thank you again. Until we meet again 🙂


Your number one fan 🙂

Why I Went Vegan


Good morning blog readers!

I get this question a lot and thought it would be a good idea to mention it here.

I went vegan two years ago.

When I was a kid I ate everything and even had dreams about McDonalds.

A older neighbor gave me tofu once and I thought it was weird.

A friend’s family were vegetarian and I thought their house smelled weird.

I always ate fruit and veggies as snacks.

Fast forward to 2009

When I lived in Alaska I ate moose, caribou, beaver, and who knows what else. I felt bad and had no idea what animal I would eat next so I researched vegetarianism and proclaimed that I was a veghead.

Well that only lasted until I left Alaska.

In 2010(after my first half marathon), I decided to change my eating. So I cut my calories and started eating ‘clean’.

     In 2011 I continued researching vegetarianism(basically I read every book I could get my hand on and checked out every website). After hearing about Cindy Trimm’s 40 day Soul Fast(which had the beginners do the Daniel Fast). I decided that after I finished my 21 cans of tuna(because I was a broke clean eater), I started the Daniel Fast(which is a vegan base). I was pretty hardcore and weaned myself off of everything.

I worked out a lot(ok a lot is probably an understatement) and just with diet alone, I lost thirteen pounds. I was happy.

Then in 2012 things changed and I couldn’t completely control my diet, so I became a snacky vegan. I was also stressed out and gained atleast twenty pounds.

Today I am still vegan(working on the snacks) and I have a little under thirty pounds to lose to get to my goal weight. I don’t stress about my goal weight but it is there and I do hope to get there in time.

     Why am I still vegan? Some people ask me this. The reason why I am still vegan is because once I stopped eating me, I realized that my stomach doesn’t crave meat, it just wants food. I get my ‘chewing’ sensation with mushrooms and other chewy veggies. Also, I love spices and seasoning so when I do cook, my meals are the bomb(to me and whoever happens to walk by the kitchen). I try not to be a vegan nazi so if someone serves me something with meat in it that I can see, I just pick the meat out(aka Luby’s putting bacon in their cabbage).

     Why I’m not a perfect vegan: I still eat ice cream when I need it(aka that time of the month) and I still eat all kinds of chocolate. I am a chocoholic(I accept it and admit it). But those things are workable to me. Mostly I am kind to myself.

Also, I am a vegan because I love life and all kinds of animals. I see everything as having life in it(I know people make jokes about plants having life). So I feel like, if it bleeds, I’m not going to eat it(and yes, fish bleed).

So that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Thanks for reading :