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30 Days Of Truth(15) Something You Couldn’t Live Without, Because You’ve Tried Living Without It


Dear chocolate,

                          This post goes out to you(yum, yum,yum). I do not quite know when our love affair started but I’ve tried to quit you and have not quite been able to. You cheer me up when I am down, you turn my frown upside down. Oh chocolate, how do I love thee, let me count the ways. 

     Forever and a day I thought I could only love your milky way, until I woke up to your dark yummy goodness. Dark chocolate takes me to a whole ‘nother world that I could have never dreamed before. You bring such joy to my life. I hope that I don’t have to live without you again. 

     Chocolate thank you for all of the good times and always knowing just the right thing to do when I’m not at my best. Some say you are just like a drug, I cannot bear to disagree because I would not know what to do if I had to abstain from thee. Even the big book includes you in a page, there you are in black and white, how could I not indulge?

     Oh chocolate, thank you for the love and many varieties that you display(except for gasp white, such a disgrace to all things chocolate, which I will save for another day). Chocolate please don’t change unless its to say that you truly are calorie free. Then all of the chocoholics of the world would unite in happy glee. 

      Chocolate, thank you and thank you again. Until we meet again 🙂


Your number one fan 🙂