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Prickly Pear 50k,Potatoes, And A Unicorn


Hey everyone! Just wanted to give a bit of a race day recap. I can’t do mile by mile but will do my best. The day was pretty epic overall. I can’t wait to do it again.
So the night before I stayed with friends and had pizza and ice cream. The morning of the race I had the rest of the pizza. We went to the race site and I was excited and nervous.
I got my packet, checked my bags, and started talking to people to find a ride home after. The first group let me know that they were too fast for me. The second group was more than happy to help me out.
Then I meet this cowboy(he had on a cowboy hat).We started talking about running and I noticed that he had sandals on. Now this did not surprise me because I had just read Born To Run for the fifth time. Then he started talking about so many things that were in the book. I asked him if he wasn’t sure that he wasn’t written about in the book and that Matthew Macaunaghy wasn’t playing him in a movie. He literally looked like his twin. He laughed it off and told me about what was going on in that region of Mexico.
I was blown away. So I asked him if he was real. He asked me if I were real. I said I thought so. I told him he was a unicorn.
So we headed to the start. I gave him a hug and off we went. I ran and ran. Mud caked my shoes. I tackled every hill I could. I thought I heard a girl singing Frozen, she wasn’t. I talked to a lot of butterflies. I felt great. Going up the biggest hill around mile 5, someone spotted a boar and I screamed and went flying. So then I was trying to run from phantom boars.
Until I didn’t,  had to take two restroom breaks around mile 10 and 12. I kept going.  A really encouraging friend kept me on track until then. I made it to 15.5 miles with time. The ten milers felt bad for me to keep going so I shook them off.
We ran through the finish to do the second loop and then I realized I had to face all of those hills again. Well, I saw a couple of girls and we decided we were finishing no matter what. Well, around mile 27 I tripped in a single jeep track. Once it registered that no one would pick me up, I popped up and kept running. Mile 29 was probably the hardest.  But we pushed through and I kicked to the finish.
The food along the course was great. They even had potatoes which were magical. I made some amazing new friends and I have long lasting memories. Now I’m recovering with rest and walking. I feel great but I’m going to take it day by day.
As for the unicorn,  its always nice to dream and maybe one day I will meet one of my very own.
Until next time,

Tea, Yoga, And Headlamps


Last night before bed I had a wonderful conversation with my BFF, its always an anointed time when you can just pray back and forth with someone. I made some yummy rice noodles and I did some much needed yoga. I felt great going to bed. I had decided just to take a break from my coding and rest.

This morning I woke up to an email from the race director stating that we will need a headlamp for the race because we will be starting in the dark. Why didn’t I think of that? So, along with getting a ride to the race(I figure I will be able to get a ride home), I have to go get a headlamp. I know I’ve gone off the deep end, but I am excited about it. So far the conditions are listed as dry.

I came into work with a new person and was promptly informed that they would be leaving, so I was on my own. It was fine by me because it gave me more time to just be in the moment. A few people stopped by and were wondering where everyone was. Hey, I am doing what I am supposed to do so no one can say anything to me.

Of course I forgot all of my usbs at home. Of course it just wouldn’t be Thursday without me forgetting something. Well, the good thing is I can still work on my code because I have everything saved on my laptop and I can just finish the writeups later. I can even get started on this week’s homework if time permits.

So, I am in a pretty great mood. I am thankful and grateful for my life. It involves ups and downs but today I am coasting on the upswing. At some point this weekend I am going to watch some movies or I might catch up on some shows today. I don’t know. The sunshine is calling my name so we shall see how quickly I manage to get work done.



Off To A Pancake Run With New Friends Who Get It


So on Sunday I made it to my friend’s house for the pancake run(after I missed the stop and had to go back two miles). As soon as I got there everyone was rearing to go and very welcoming.  We had a bit of small talk before we headed out for the run. Well, I could keep up with the faster group for about two minutes ha!

As I began at my own pace, I noticed there was a couple ahead of me. After they made out for a bit, the guy went on and the girl kept at her pace. I guess they didn’t realize anyone was behind them. The girl turned her head and motioned for me to join her at her pace. So I did. Well, she turned out to be a really cool person. She had partied a lot the night before but she still had really good form and pace. As the guys were on their way back, they gave us high fives.

We had a great run with the deer and the beauty in nature that was right there to enjoy. We talked about run strategies and motivations. We made it back to the house ready for pancakes. Everyone encouraged us and we all had a great time eating delicious pancakes and fruit and having great conversations about running.

So the group has been running together for years and they were more than happy to include me. They get together throughout the week and do speed work. I mentioned to one of the coaches that I was too fat to do speed work. He swiftly gave me a side eye and said no matter what and no matter what size, we all have to do speed work even for long distances, basically that is the only way that we will build endurance and get the speed we need to be faster. So there ya have it, I have to do some form of speed work at least once a week.

This week I have been totally off because the time change is really kicking my butt and my hours changed at work(only for this week) so I am losing more than an hour of sleep which is not good for an already exhausted insomniac. I take melatonin and drink tea before bed but still. As soon as my alarms go off(I have six), my brain says that it is time to go to sleep.

I made huge strides with my code(I’m going to show my professor so he knows that I did it). The output is so beautiful(it really is). The implications are huge. So we will see soon what this translates to in my paper. I have a few other assignments to work on as well(story of my life lol).



Great Days


I don’t know what it is, maybe it is the change in the weather(that is actually changing again) but today has been a great day so far. I am sure it also has to do with positive self talk. Also, not having class tonight also helps. So I can get work done that needs to get done. My idea of a good time is working on assignments and reducing my laundry pile ha!

I think I was off by a week because I didn’t realize that Spring Break is next week. That means the 50k is next weekend. We are supposed to have nice weather next week. I look forward to it. My Methods assignment was pushed back(which is always nice) but I think I can have it done this week. This assignment involves estimation on the county level, we are estimating the county population for two years using three different types of estimation(linear, exponential, and ratio). It is a tad depressing to see how the population has declined over time regarding Wayne County(it looks pretty bad in each type of estimation). Our next assignment(projections) is going to be massive. Since I have all of the Michigan data, I am just going to use what I have.

The funny thing is that even though the weather is bonkers, I went for a run, did some cardio, and dressed up for work. I don’t know if I just wanted to prove to myself that I could put something together or if I was just telling the universe, “Hey’ today is a great day to look great”. Either way lol.

I think I am in a place right now where things are working out just the way that they are supposed to and that I have more support than I thought I did. It’s awesome and scary at the same time. Its like going after something(let’s say a goal) and having it all fall into place where the goal is achieved. I think being open to feedback helps a lot too because when you are open to feedback, people will freely give it to you. It also let’s me know that I am not alone and that everything is going to be alright in the end.

I have been drinking tea before bed pretty much every day since winter. I love tea and since I have a ton of it, I figure I better drink it. The vegan, raw chocolate protein bites that I made over the weekend were a huge hit. My friends and coworkers loved them! So now I know that I will have to make more if I am going to share. I got the recipe from the book “I Quit Sugar”, but I added a little sugar because I put some granola/trail mix in it. Basically, it tasted just like a Chunky bar.

Now if I could just settle on a system to manage my email. I have read about a few systems and then I use one for a bit and then bam 300 emails await me again. Not a terrible problem to have but something I need to be more consistent about. Speaking of consistent, I need to start journaling more. I heard it was a good idea to jot things down before you went to bed. We shall see how that goes. I have a few journals, just need to use them.

Well, I hope you have a great day no matter the weather



When You Make One Change, Its Like A Domino Effect


This weekend was pretty interesting. I didn’t intend for it to be that way. I was just happy to have a moment to breathe. At this moment, I don’t remember what I did on Friday. Oh wait, yes I went to the post office to send off very important mail and found out that the servers were down and I had to pay cash. I didn’t know how much an actual stamp cost. So I asked how much a Forever stamp cost, I guess they were one in the same. So I was able to get two stamps. I got some books in the mail(one for pleasure and one for my paper). I made it back to campus and got a bit of work done.

On Saturday I went for a run. Oh yeah and then this guy who stood me up a few months ago(it was also a cold, chilly night), texted me(I had actually blocked his number) and I texted him back. He called me. I asked him what he had in mind(he was asking me why I hadn’t responded to him and I mentioned that I was doing dishes). See I had this great plan of cleaning up and I did do some dishes but I was thinking about a ton of other stuff so I didn’t get as much done as I wanted to). He mentioned that his heat wasn’t working and that I could meet him at the mall. I had flashbacks to being in sixth grade and meeting up with guys from Detroit at the mall(it was a weird time back in the ’90’s). So I went and ran a bath and decided that I would stand him up. So I did. See, when we talked the first statements out of his mouth were why it was so nuts that I didn’t have a car still. Welp, I don’t and since I am okay with that, who cares who isn’t.

As many of you know I have a bad Facebook habit. In fact a few years ago some classmates challenged me to quit Facebook for a few weeks, it was tough. Well, I noticed that a friend of a friend was sending out suicidal posts. Since Facebook had a new policy regarding suicidal posts, I engaged the person and offered some suggestions and support. I also reported all of the posts that I saw. Well, nothing happened. So I called the suicide hotline myself to get some answers for what to do(the person was in another state). Well, they weren’t very helpful and they asked me if I was doing self-care(which I was). They told me to call them back if I needed to talk. Basically they wanted me to call the person. Well, at this point the person wasn’t trying to hear anything that I was saying. So I told them that I would always be available to listen and I gave them my number. I was frustrated because I know what it is like to be at that point.

Over the weekend there were various races that were cancelled due to weather. Well, my Facebook timeline consisted of fifty or so people complaining about this that or the other. So I mentioned to a guy that he could run his 50 miler in his backyard and that the complaining didn’t change anything that was out of his control. So a few people told me that I didn’t have to be in the conversation and that I didn’t understand him and basically told me to leave a group. So after mentioning that he had a lot to be grateful for and that he had other races (this year to look forward to), I wished him the best in his races and I quit Facebook.

OMG, I know right! Like how could I the most extroverted of all introverts leave Facebook. Well, I deactiviated and this waited for the signal to get my data, I was able to delete my account(well per Facebook it will be deleted after 14 days). How do I feel? I feel great. I actually felt great last night. Oh by the way, Facebook said that all of my 1,393 friends would miss me and I beg to different because only five people liked my sayanora post and only two of those five commented lol.

So now hopefully I can see those friends in real life or on Twitter/Instagram or some other thing I happen to still be on. I see this move as a win win for me. Also, I was able to find some great containers at Goodwill for my stuff and I was able to start to get organized. What a wonder.

In other news, I had a chat with my best friend about my blog and she mentioned that sometimes she just wants to shake me after reading my posts. She thinks that I have to think positive about myself. Well, sometimes I want to shake her too because she doesn’t think positively about herself lol. So its something that I have to work on.

So here’s to new perspectives



Taking The Day One Step At A Time


Yesterday my run was great and I had enough energy to get in a circuit workout. Well, that was all because I met with my professor about my code and wouldn’t you know it, I made simple typing mistakes with my variables and that is the only reason why they weren’t recognized. So I have to expand my variable recodes and tighten up my code(so it doesn’t include every variable just the ones I am using in the code at that moment lol). I also realized that my professors really do want us to do well. That means a lot to me too. There is nothing like the feeling of having people encourage and support you.

What does this mean? It means R is like the jelly to my peanut butter and I am clicking right along. Such a relief. I also managed to get all of the data I need for my methods assignment. It is so funny to me that I am looking at data from my childhood years. I am just thankful that it is readily available. Also I can totally do my next homework and get my models together for my paper 🙂

I found out that I will be working during Spring Break(for some reason I thought we had it off lol). But its a win win for me. Then that Saturday will be the big 50k. I am still really excited. I was talking to my little niece and nephew who are track phenoms and my niece asked me why I would want to run that many miles. I started to explain to her how I didn’t have the opportunity to run track as a kid but then I stopped and I just said that once you run a marathon, you go into this zone and you just figure why not lol.

When I was a kid, my dad used a track as punishment and I hated it. So I focused on any sport that he would have little involvement in(Swimming and softball, some volleyball until I figured out I was allergic to latex powder and stopped). It wasn’t until I was a grown up did I decide to start running and I just went for it. Now I love running and I guess I am trying to make up for lost time. Like I wonder what life would have been like if I were on a track or cross country team as a kid(which we had). So now I run for my health and to be my best self. I feel like I am closer to my dreams when I run and I also feel closer to God. I also consider running to be free therapy.

I saw some really cool laptop stickers and wondered why I hadn’t thought about getting any before. So I ordered some nerdy laptop stickers. When I was in Korea the kids loved stickers so I should probably check my stash to see if I still have any lol. Sometimes its just the little things that brighten up your day.

Have a wonderful day!



What Looks Like My Life On An Ordinary Day


Last night in class we were going over some concepts and I mentioned that we had actually covered the information(not in a rude way) and as a result of giving so much detail and having a true episode of dejavu(I have had it all of my life), we got out of class early. Well, not before a classmate compared me to an elephant. I had to google it and I found out that elephants are more intelligent than humans in many regards. But it stuck with me. Why do I have to be thought of as an animal? Why couldn’t you just say “Hey, thanks good catch”?. But these kinds of things happen to me more and more I find.

Before class we were having a discussion about the findings related to kids and peanut butter allergies. A classmate from out of the country wondered why this was a thing. I mentioned that in the past, poorer people ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. El Jerko piped up that that was not true. I asked him if he had grown up poor and he said no. I said well, in this generation, more kids don’t eat peanut butter and jelly or if they do it is a fancy butter(like almond butter or a natural blend, you get the idea). Now, you can get these stats anywhere, they aren’t actually in a secret vault.

How do I know these things? Because when I was a kid, I ate tons of peanut butter and jelly, on bread, on crackers, on celery just pretty much on anything my Mom had on hand at the time. Then it dawned on me that I didn’t grow up poor. I grew up lower middle class which is kind of like the older step sister of poor. I also grew up around a lot of poor people and when I was a guest in other people’s homes we were all treated the same(we ate the same, we were basically extended family). It was only when I became an adult and went through a series of events called life that I did subsist on peanut butter and jelly crackers and water. In fact, my Mom had so much pride that she would have never accepted assistance in any shape or form even if she was in a rough spot. Me on the other hand, I put my pride aside if it means fulfilling my basic needs for living.

Now that I think about it, that’s probably why I haven’t let go of this weight, because I hold onto food. For instance, the way my fridge is set up, it is basically a mini freezer. So I actually have enough food to live off of for awhile. But yet I still will go out to eat or will eat highly processed stuff that isn’t good for me. I am definitely working on it but it felt like I just had an aha moment. Its like I am afraid to starve but I need to cut back tremendously. So I am trying to be more mindful by following a plan and actually tracking food again.

So in order to keep a semblance of peace, I have decided to stop talking in class and to people who don’t care about what I have to say. Why should other people have the pleasure of attempting to destroy my existence. Nope, no one gets that luxury anymore. Now, I know you may think I am being silly but if you could put yourself in my shoes for a day let alone a week it would make much more sense. So for my sanity, I have to make a change(because it is always me who has to change because I am not in control of others changing).

I was in such a tizzy last night that I did the dishes, put away the dishes, did a decent meal prep, and did laundry. Now I have to finish assignments that are due in March and rework a paper for April. I did not want to get up this morning so since we are going to have a sunny afternoon, I am going for a long run after work. I am so excited about that.

I hope you have a great day.