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2018 Ready To Run


So this year, in an epic year of all epic years, I decided to run a 50 miler. I know, I know. But here’s the thing, all of my friends have run one. Also, the training plan is uber similar to a 50k plan. Also it gives me an excuse to run all of the distances that I haven’t been able to in a while either due to life or recovery(from leg stuff).

I haven’t been training on purpose in a bit(especially after the accident) but a week or two ago, I was really going through some stuff and I went for a nice 8 mile run and felt much better, that was when I realized that I needed to get myself in gear and I wrote out my training plan. I also have a strength plan(mostly body weight stuff at the moment).

The funny thing about this new training plan is that Monday is a rest day. Other than that, most of it is just the usually mix of distance and speed. I don’t really do a lot of speed stuff but maybe that will change in the upcoming months.

Happy Running


2017 The Road To Dissertation Defense


Hey blog readers,

I just realized that I had not provided any dissertation updates. In April of 2017, I successfully defended my research proposal. Since then, I have been writing and editing in order to craft my dissertation into something substantial. First and foremost, it has to be readable. That means, I have to make all of my thoughts make sense.

While I am attempting to do that, life continues to happen. Nothing too spectacular, just the normal busyness of life with some added anxiety of the job market. I am applying to a number of places. I re-dyed my hair so that it would be one color(well, let’s just say my hair laughed a lot). Overall, it sort of is the same shade.

I am also training for a marathon with a friend long-distance(this will be her first marathon) and I hope to be healthy enough to cross the finish line. This past year(along with recovering from the car accident), I have been dealing with a lot of calf tightness. It has forced me to walk a lot and do other exercises. At this point, it manages to alert me during part of the first mile and then diminishes. It is so annoying.


What I Think About When I Think About Running And Life


Hey blog peeps,

I had intended to write about running yesterday but the day got away from me. Tomorrow is my first 25k and I could not be more excited. I really enjoy being outside and the closer to nature the better. Its so neat to be able to run on something other than concrete. It is also very peaceful.

I had this huge blog planned about ultra running(since I am a newbie) but I really don’t have too much to say about it except ultras are for people who get bored with marathons lol. Ultras are for people who love being outside. Ultras are for people who love pushing themselves to the next level. I like to think I am being conservative by saying that I will only run a 50k but who knows maybe next year or in a few years I will talk about 50 milers and 100ks. You see how its kind of a progression lol.

Ultra runners are definitely their own breed and I have had the opportunity to be online friends with a few and have read a few books, oh and follow a ton in trail magazines(but who’s keeping track), let’s just say that ultra runners are some of the neatest people you will ever meet.

So, since I am on a running kick(or a racing kick I guess), I decided that it would be cool to run a race on Valentine’s Day. What a way to show cupid that I am not going to be down on V day haha. Well, one of my friend’s(okay this guy that I have totally had a crush on for awhile but who’s keeping up with all of that?) decided that he wanted to run a race together. Well, I suggested one that I am doing toward the end of next month and then of course he found a cupid run(where you have to run in your skivvies).

Well, I was this close to doing it and then I remembered that I have church on that day lol. Yep, the only race that I miss church for is the Rock and Roll marathon(even though no one ever puts me in their calendar) and this past year, I was actually able to make it to church after the race(a miracle day). So, now that I find myself actually adding races to my calender(I always wanted to be able to do that), I have an actually small window for races. Basically, I can run most Saturdays(because the library closes early) and the second or fourth Sundays(because I am set for the first and third Sundays).

So basically I can run as long as my library time and church aren’t too badly impacted. Luckily most races are done pretty early in the day. In other news, I decided to try doing headstand last night. It was hilarious. I can get into headstand but then my legs don’t know what to do so I flip forward. Last night I tried it three times(much better with wall assist) and I flipped into a trash bag, a stack of towels(I got smart) and some kitchen stuff). My head and neck didn’t hurt. I took a nice hot soak anyway. I just basically had a good time laughing at myself. My friend’s gave me some tips about getting into headstand and they mentioned that it helps to have a triangle base. I also think it will be better when I lose some weight. But like anything else, it takes practice. The cool thing is, I can’t say that I can’t do it.

Today is one of my good friend’s birthdays. She is having a party this evening but since I have to get some shut eye before the race tomorrow, I am going to get her present and drop it off at her house. Plus, I think I am getting old(or my introverted side is becoming a force field) because I don’t really like being out at night since I don’t have my own wheels at the moment.

In the irony of all ironies, sent me an email about a reduced rate and some of my classmates extolled the virtues of Eharmony(they both found success there). But I feel like I can’t give in. Also, I can spend that kind of money on races or ancestry searches lol. So please keep me in your good thoughts.

Well, I hope you have a great day and I will be sure to give a race report tomorrow 🙂



Bringing 2015 In With A Bang


     Hey blog readers! I hope 2015 is treating you well. So far so good on this end. Just wanted to share what I have been preoccupied with and thinking about.
     Last week I found out that a friend was going to do an endurance challenge 50k. I got inspired and decided to do one. I found out that we have a ton in my neck of the woods. So I’m doing my first 50k in March. I found out that another friend is doing a 25k relay this month, so going all in, I’m doing a 25k this month. I’m doing a really fun 5k in Feb. I also plan on doing maybe a half for Valentine’s day.
    The ultra community is very open armed and welcoming so I have a ton of information and support. I also have a great group of friends who are rooting for me.
Ever since last month,  I’ve been running around 8 miles a day. I’m doing a miles challenge for 2015, so I can run, walk, or swim.
     I chatted with someone that I think is really cool but since I know that it won’t go anywhere(I’m not his type), I’m trying to keep things in perspective.  It’s difficult but I have to accept the situation for what it is. I think that I can be a friend from a distance(as I have been). We had a conversation about my workout motivation but the truth is, working out is a huge stress relief for me and I think it will help me have a better semester.  Sometimes I long for someone to signal that they are looking for me too but alas now is not the time.
     I’m excited about the semester starting. I have some readings and I got feedback regarding my literature review which helps a lot. I hope to get books this week.
     I’m going to try and sleep in tomorrow. It got really cold. So I’m going to go out when its a little warmer tomorrow. So overall a lot of good things are in the works. I’m looking a little deeper into my ancestry. I will talk about that more when it gets closer to happening.

Stay warm

Lessons Learned Chasing 2:45


Hello everyone!

Yesterday was my fifth half marathon. I was chasing a new PR of 2:45. I had thought about 2:45 last year but I was too chicken to actually pin it to my back. This year, I went for it. Here are some things that I learned along the way.

First things first, the night before the race I met up with the Black Girls Run Group for a pre race meet/dinner event. It was a blast until I realized that I was too broke to eat. So I was lucky to enjoy a cupcake and a slice of cake. Next year I hope to pay in advance lol. I don’t know what it is but being around people who are eating and you aren’t is no small feat. We shared a lot of laughs, I won a new race belt(which I needed), and we took a few pictures.

I usually don’t sleep a lot before a big race(ok never). I ate one chewy bar. So bright and early I met up with a friend who was running his first half and we walked to the race start. I met up with the ladies and we chatting and took pre race pics. I ate a banana and one set of jellies(they are like performance jellybellys). We finally go to our corrals. Myself and another lady decide that we will just jump in the corral ahead of us(still the same pace). We dance, we laugh, we get warmed up. I get my watch set and off we go. I see John Bingham at the start and I give him a high five. I had missed him at the Expo.

Mile one I see the 2:45 pacers and I think they are going too slow. So I coast ahead of them. I hit the first hill and I fly down. I see a friend from church and keep going. I do a decent 10 min mile(according to my Timex). I keep going.

Mile two just zipping along

Mile three yes, finally a water station. I walk through.

Mile 4 Still coasting and feeling good.

Mile 5 I feel really good about things

Mile 6 I literally sing Chris Brown songs to get through the Trinity Hills. As I get up the huge hill I look down and notice that people ran over a bag of gummy bears. I love gummy bears. So of course I circle and pick them up. I eat half of the gummy bears and save the rest.

Mile 7 Still zooming

Mile 8 I feel a little something in my foot(a blister forming), I ignore it

Mile 9 I feel good. My stomach is starting to talk back just a tad

Mile 10 I’m determined. I’m trying to ignore my stomach. I see a guy and ask him what pace he is at. He mentions that he is at 2:45 and I think he is joking because of the 2:45 pinned to my back. No, he says, I am actually at 2:43.

Mile 11 I’m still determined but halfway through I see a portapotty. Of course I have to go.

Mile 12 I made a huge mistake. The pitstop hurt me. So I am frustrated.

Mile 13 Yay! I finally make it, my watch says 2:54. I later find out that my official time is 2:57. I didn’t make the time I wanted but I still PR’d by three minutes.

I look at my watch and decide to go to church. As I walk down a side street to get to church, I see a motorcade with Meb Keflezighi(one of my running heros). I scream out Meb! The motorcade stops and I run over to it. I ask Meb if I can give him a hug and he says yes! Then a camera guy gets off of the motorcade and records the whole thing and takes pictures. It turns out to be the best day ever! I told Meb that he was awesome and he told me that I was awesome! We hug each other once more and off we go.

I make it to church and everyone is so excited that people mention that they want to participate next year. Yay!

After church my friend and I go out to eat and I wore my medal to the restaurant because I was too tired to take it off. I go home take a shower and go to the library. I don’t make any headway with my code. I talk to a friend who gives me some tips and I head home.

So with races, just like with life, sometimes you win sometimes you lose and sometimes you get blessed with the unexpected.



Marathon nutrition


Hello friends!

At the health and fitness expo held before my first marathon(The San Antonio Rock and Roll marathon), I was able to hear a nutrition presentation by Linda Farr, R.D.

The talk was titled Fueling Your Race:

Know what your goals are. Training is also to train your intestinal system.
On the day of the event, you should eat the same way you do during your training.
Look for foods that are low glycemic carbs and complex.
If you need a goal for protein, you should aim for 15% of protein(.5-.6g/p  per day).

Make sure to stay hydrated.

During your taper, make sure to keep your diet the same. The day before the race, drink 4-8 extra glasses of water. You should start carb loading a couple of days before the race.
Ideally, these would be low fat, fruit, spaghetti, baked potatoes, cereal, energy bars.
You should try to avoid grapenuts, bran, pinto beans, fiber supplements, tacos, simple carbs/simple sugars.

It can take food a few days to go through your GI trac.

1-3 hours before the race, carb load and have energy bars on hand. Bring fluid with you(know where the water stations are). Have 2-3 glasses of water 2 hours before the race. Have one glass of water before the start of the race. Have an 8oz sports drink 15-20 minutes into the race. Have a snack every hour after 90 minutes of running.

Your first priority is hydration. The goal at the end of your workout should be the same weight as when you started.  You can measure your sweat loss(1lb of weight loss = 3 cups of water)

What to look for in an energy drink:

Look at the percentage of carbs and sugar. 5-8% carbs, make sure it has sodium.

It can take several weeks for your muscles to rebuild.
Everyone has a different sweat rate.

Check out

Marathon Bars are a series of energy bars and protein bars.