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Prickly Pear 50k,Potatoes, And A Unicorn


Hey everyone! Just wanted to give a bit of a race day recap. I can’t do mile by mile but will do my best. The day was pretty epic overall. I can’t wait to do it again.
So the night before I stayed with friends and had pizza and ice cream. The morning of the race I had the rest of the pizza. We went to the race site and I was excited and nervous.
I got my packet, checked my bags, and started talking to people to find a ride home after. The first group let me know that they were too fast for me. The second group was more than happy to help me out.
Then I meet this cowboy(he had on a cowboy hat).We started talking about running and I noticed that he had sandals on. Now this did not surprise me because I had just read Born To Run for the fifth time. Then he started talking about so many things that were in the book. I asked him if he wasn’t sure that he wasn’t written about in the book and that Matthew Macaunaghy wasn’t playing him in a movie. He literally looked like his twin. He laughed it off and told me about what was going on in that region of Mexico.
I was blown away. So I asked him if he was real. He asked me if I were real. I said I thought so. I told him he was a unicorn.
So we headed to the start. I gave him a hug and off we went. I ran and ran. Mud caked my shoes. I tackled every hill I could. I thought I heard a girl singing Frozen, she wasn’t. I talked to a lot of butterflies. I felt great. Going up the biggest hill around mile 5, someone spotted a boar and I screamed and went flying. So then I was trying to run from phantom boars.
Until I didn’t,  had to take two restroom breaks around mile 10 and 12. I kept going.  A really encouraging friend kept me on track until then. I made it to 15.5 miles with time. The ten milers felt bad for me to keep going so I shook them off.
We ran through the finish to do the second loop and then I realized I had to face all of those hills again. Well, I saw a couple of girls and we decided we were finishing no matter what. Well, around mile 27 I tripped in a single jeep track. Once it registered that no one would pick me up, I popped up and kept running. Mile 29 was probably the hardest.  But we pushed through and I kicked to the finish.
The food along the course was great. They even had potatoes which were magical. I made some amazing new friends and I have long lasting memories. Now I’m recovering with rest and walking. I feel great but I’m going to take it day by day.
As for the unicorn,  its always nice to dream and maybe one day I will meet one of my very own.
Until next time,

Tea, Yoga, And Headlamps


Last night before bed I had a wonderful conversation with my BFF, its always an anointed time when you can just pray back and forth with someone. I made some yummy rice noodles and I did some much needed yoga. I felt great going to bed. I had decided just to take a break from my coding and rest.

This morning I woke up to an email from the race director stating that we will need a headlamp for the race because we will be starting in the dark. Why didn’t I think of that? So, along with getting a ride to the race(I figure I will be able to get a ride home), I have to go get a headlamp. I know I’ve gone off the deep end, but I am excited about it. So far the conditions are listed as dry.

I came into work with a new person and was promptly informed that they would be leaving, so I was on my own. It was fine by me because it gave me more time to just be in the moment. A few people stopped by and were wondering where everyone was. Hey, I am doing what I am supposed to do so no one can say anything to me.

Of course I forgot all of my usbs at home. Of course it just wouldn’t be Thursday without me forgetting something. Well, the good thing is I can still work on my code because I have everything saved on my laptop and I can just finish the writeups later. I can even get started on this week’s homework if time permits.

So, I am in a pretty great mood. I am thankful and grateful for my life. It involves ups and downs but today I am coasting on the upswing. At some point this weekend I am going to watch some movies or I might catch up on some shows today. I don’t know. The sunshine is calling my name so we shall see how quickly I manage to get work done.



Street2Feet 5k Recap


Hello all,

Over the weekend I ran my first Street2Feet 5k. Street2Feet is the running group through SAMMinistries that is comprised of members who are seeking services at Haven For Hope and anyone who has ever been as Haven For Hope. It is also open to anyone who just wants to run with great people.

I was excited about the race when I went to packet pickup and I told some friends that I would meet them at 5am to participate in the race prep. Well, I was not done with my homework for stats so I spent the whole rest of the night working on it. I didn’t go to bed until 2am and woke up at, yep 5:37am. So I called a cab. I got to the race site and forgot my bib. So I had to make a trip back home. I got back to the race site and was able to help out with registration.

I ate a half of a bagel and one doughnut because doughnuts. I had decided that I would run the whole race. Usually I am a die hard run walker but I really wanted to try. Off I went and then I saw a girl running barefoot with nothing but KT tape on her arches and boy did I feel bad. I saw a lot of kids with their families. I encouraged every kid that I could who was walking to keep going. I figured they were young and had more energy than I did so why wouldn’t they be faster than me.

I walked at the water stop and I was so proud of myself. I kept running and then near the finish, a guy said that it was just a little bit to go until the actual finish line. I said thank you. I kept going and as soon I got to the finish all of my friends cheered for me and announced my name. I felt really good. I did it. I ran a race with just a little bit of walking. I felt like a superstar. We had instant results and I found out that I had placed 13th in my age group and I had a new 5k pr.

After as I was cheering on the other runners, an old acquaintance came up to me and asked me if I remembered him. I said yes and burst into tears. This was someone who had run the same race a few years back in 17 minutes. He was completely unrecognizable. And that is what addiction does, it makes you into someone you don’t even know. It is devastating.

I couldn’t shake the emotional roller coaster that I was on and tried to suck it up for pictures. I also met some really cool runners, including the guy who encouraged us at the finish(who ran the race in 19 minutes). A lot of people complimented me on my shirt(its my favorite shirt that says “Kiss My Sass”). I also gave a guy my number but we won’t talk about that, he’s way out of my league. You ever have times when people just take your number because they don’t want to be rude?

Then I went to the grocery store, bought some awesome roses, and got back to work. I took a break from coding to go to the movies on Sunday night with some running buddies. We saw McFarland,USA. It is an awesome true story and it will stay with me for a long time.



Wacky Week


Hello fellow blog readers,

My week has been so wacky and its only Wednesday. I think it all started because I woke up late yesterday morning. Yesterday I spent an obscene amount of hours trying to load my data into R and of course it wouldn’t work because I exceeded my data limit. Due to the amount of time spent, I was late to class(someone texted me saying that everyone was waiting on me). So I made it to class(oops I thought class started at a different time). Thankfully, my professor went over the first part of our homework with me after class. Pretty much everything we are doing is expanding on what we did last semester. Which is great because I have an idea of what we are doing.

I also ate an obscene amount of food yesterday(because I logged it) and also because the lunch cashier asked me if I was shared and I said no, it was lunch and dinner. It didn’t amount to a lot but the calories were outrageous. I think I have been stress eating(okay, that’s probably what I do) and I can only be mindful of it and work on it. So when I made it home, my brain decided it was time to party and I did a weights circuit(yes, I have a nice little home gym that I don’t use as much as I would like). So I decided that I would do my weights at night before bed.

This morning I woke up at a decent hour, I went for a run, got in my pushups, and packed some rice cakes and an apple for work. I guess I was in such a rush that I left my usb’s at home(I found a spare in my backpack). I was able to download what I needed to download and even chopped up my data significantly. I am so excited now hopefully it can just load nicely into R.

Well, I am in a much better mood than I was yesterday too. Do you ever have off days? I found out that the 50k is having a race preview the same day of the Valentine’s 5k so sadly I will have to miss it. I think that I will be more than prepared as long as I can continue the positive habits that I started.

Hope you are having a good week,



Tales From 24 Miles, An Abundance Of Gifts


Hello blog buddies,

Over the weekend I ran a long run of 24 miles per my 50k training plan. It was wonderful because I was prepared. I am the proud owner of a pink camelbak(aka one I have wanted for years). It is amazing and a true gift for people who need to go the distance. It was cold and damp but I started out not over dressed. Then the temps went down and it started raining so I took a pit stop and got bundled up.

Well around mile 15, I saw the guy who stole my gloves and glasses a few weeks ago(I think I mentioned it). I asked him how he was enjoying my gloves and glasses. He was stunned and said that he still had them. He asked me if I would be running the  next day. I told him not to worry about it, to take my glasses to the vision center(so they could maybe be re purposed) and to give my gloves to someone who needed them. I also told him God bless. That my friends is called running karma. It is this magic state where the universe collides and you don’t care about things that once turned you into a crying, cursing raging fit, you just run and are thankful that you can run and you keep going.

Later that evening I met up with friends in recovery and we shared a great time at McDonald’s. That McDonald’s holds so many memories for my friends and I. It was nice to be able to treat people who treated me(you know how it is with friends, one gets for the other when they are low, and vice versa). Well, if you don’t know anything about that you need new friends lol. I have some of the greatest friends in the world because they never let me starve. When I am doing well(or when I have money on my food stamps), I always treat others. Because you never know. Also, because I know what it is like to go without(one time before I went to Alaska, I only ate crackers and water because I was that broke between times friends would treat me).

See, that’s why food insecurity will always have a place in my heart(and why I am so glad that I can write my dissertation about it) because I know what it is like to be food insecure because I am. Now mind you, I am thankful that I know how to budget and my brain is already trained to eat the same stuff over and over(thanks clean eating), so I make due. But my goodness it will be nice when I can just buy whatever I want from the store and not have to worry about what I am not buying or what I can’t buy at the moment.

Now this leads me to the 1,000 gifts. I just found out that I did the gifts wrong(there is a monthly schedule lol). So since it is a new month, I hope to follow this new schedule. For the almost two hundred gifts that I already wrote about, I plan to just add a little notion referring back to the Jan list). Yep, I’m weird like that.

Yesterday after church I was able to get some much needed rollers for my muscles(I didn’t realize how expensive foam rollers were), so I got a small one and a foot one with nubs on it. Well, they are working just fine. I got those for basically the price of one small foam roller.

I’m trying to be more mindful about my food(I know I talk about this all of the time) but I have a serious issue with sugar and white carbs. I’m just taking it a moment at a time. This morning I had a smoothie(homemade) and a cliff bar and they have lasted me a few hours). I have to run some errands so I am not sure what I am going to have for lunch. I was listening to a running podcast this morning on my walk and this guy mentioned how he had changed things up in his diet and how he had saw some positive changes. I also started a push up challenge(I hate pushups). I think the reason why I hate pushups is the fact that I have little to no upper body strength. It is a true challenge.

My best friend @amemoryleak asked about my assignment for class(I figure she is the only person who would want to hear about it lol) so here is the update. I looked at Non-Hispanic Black women and American Indian or Alaskan Native women causes of death for 2010. I had to create a multiple decrement life table for both groups. Basically, I found out that American Indian women and Non-Hispanic Black women have similar rates of death(per the leading causes). There were some points where American Indian women had higher rates of death. Non-Hispanic Black women have HIV as a leading cause of death while American Indian women’s cause of death at that same rate was due to pregnancy(ie died during childbirth). So I discussed the need for education and preventative measures for both groups in order to not only improve mortality outcomes but to also improve outcomes for the men of those populations as well.

I also found out that my dna kit finally made it to the lab so hopefully in a few weeks, I will get some much needed results. I hit the article mother load today regarding migration and food literature so I am pretty excited about that. For the month of January I ran/walked 239 miles. My goal is 2015 for the year. I know it probably doesn’t make a bunch of sense, but when you are obsessed with running, it makes total sense.

What are some gifts in your life today?



100 Gifts/Counting Gratitude


Last  night I took the time to actually count my blessings and I came up with one hundred. I was so thankful to even have the opportunity to do it. What a great gift, to offer gratitude and thankfulness for what we have been given. Today I woke up in a great mood. I went for a walk(I was able to run a little). It was awesome to see the sun out against the backdrop of the morning. Tomorrow I have a long run(24 miles) which I will probably be breaking up.

Today I am taking it easy. Just putting the finishing touches on my life tables(they look great). Then I will start my fertility assignment(we get to use the same populations). I am looking at African American women and American Indian/Alaskan Native women. It has definitely been interesting and I can’t wait to see what else I learn.

I have been thinking about going gluten free(because I probably need to) so I am going to try and wean myself off of what I already have at home(aka eat everything in my fridge). Well shall see how it goes. This morning I finished the last of my cereal. Its so funny how I can give up somethings so easily and others things it is such a challenge. I think I will go grocery shopping later(to stock up on fresh fruit and veggies).

In other news, I found out that another student dropped out of our program(I was shocked but I guess that would explain our last interaction). So last night in class, someone decided to put bets on who would leave next. I told the person that if they transferred, they could just keep their money. Graduate school is stressful, doctoral programs are stressful. That’s just the nature of the beast. Who knows why people decide to make the decisions that they do, but I am not going to put someone down because of it. I just get sad because I will miss those people. I think that my cohort is a tad competitive but just like in running, I am only in competition with myself. Each day, I want to be better than I was the day before.

Where are you looking for gratitude?