2017 Reflections


As I attempted to update some blog posts, I realized too late that I ended up deleting a second page where I was sharing academic updates. So, due to not being able to retrieve that page, I am just adding all of my posts(academic and non academic) to this page with all of the others posts. So simple, yet not quite what I had planned.

Just like this year it seems. Nothing has quite gone as planned in this new year. It has been a series of twists and turns with a lot of laughs and tears along the way. Oh yes, that is also a theme of my journey to Ph.d. It is twisty and turning in so many different ways that hopefully lead to a great result in the end. Forgive me if anything I share is repetitive because I really can’t remember the last time I made a blog post in 2017(did I? oops).

Okay so in 2016, I entered my third year of doctoral studies. In the Fall of 2016 I *insert drumroll* passed my Comprehensive Exam! Whoo! Also, for the last year or so I have updated my dissertation proposal and it has officially been sent to my dissertation committee members. In 2017 I presented my research at our Applied Demography Conference and it was a hit! In the next few weeks I will defend my dissertation proposal and present my research at a Social Science Conference. I also have been wrangling with data(per usual) and writing along with brainstorming for more writing.

Thank you to everyone who continues to check out my blog(even if it may be on accident). I really appreciate it and hope to bring even more great content soon.

Peace, Love, and Tacos


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