Where is your home?


In a few of my classes we have discussions about place, neighborhoods, and communities and their effects on the lives of those who live there. It made me think about where I live, where I have lived, and what I consider to be home. Well, for those who know me, anytime I roll up in a friend’s house, I consider it home. Your family becomes my family, you become part of my family. It is good stuff all around. So here we go.

I was born in Harrisburg, PA. My Aunt tells me that it was during a storm of some sort. I will take her word for it.

I moved to Roanoke,VA and went to HeadStart for a bit(I have a memory of HeadStart). I started Kindergarten at Fairview Elementary School with Ms. White who literally looked like Snow White. I also went to first grade there. My first grade teacher was Ms. Leah who was tall and very smart.

I moved to Taylor,Michigan before second grade started. I went to Eurekadale Elementary School. I lived here until I was sixteen years old. So pretty much most of my life was spent here. I was always an outsider and I never really fit in. My parents forced me to socialize with people and that’s how I made friends. Some of my dearest friends from Taylor are still my friends today and I love them dearly. I still love and miss my old best friend but what can I say about that. During the Spring of my junior year was the first time I attempted suicide. I had gotten into an argument with my dad about sports and I had decided that I would just kill myself. So my dad being the person that he was, handed me a knife. He didn’t say anything as I attempted to end the emotional pain that I was in. Don’t worry, I didn’t cut deep enough.

In the end of my junior year I moved to Frederick,MD where I attended Frederick High School. I made a small group of friends here who I didn’t have a chance to keep up with but I know they are all doing amazing things in the world because they started AP classes years before I did.

On the way to Texas I lived in Virginia.

Once I made it to Texas I came to San Antonio. I completed my senior year in San Antonio. I attended James Madison High School where I only had friends who were Freshman. The students in my honors and AP classes hated me and everything that I stood for because I was new. I did make friends my age at church. These friends did the best they could because I was super awkward. They may have felt it was their Christian duty to be my friend, I am not sure.

After I graduated high school, I had plans to go into the Army but I decided I would go to college. I went to Faith Baptist Bible College in Ankeny, IA where I didn’t fit in either. I made a wonderful group of friends who tried their best to love me and prayed for me a ton. During the fall, I decided to go to the Army as originally intended. I landed at Ft. Jackson and the Army decided that Army life was not for me. I went back to Bible College. That spring was the second time I attempted suicide. Again in a moment of fear and just frustration, I decided that I wasn’t serving a purpose in the world and thought that I could poison myself and get it over with. Well, God and the universe thought different and I survived.

At the end of my freshman year of college I went back to Texas. I stayed in Texas for eight years. I attempted to grow up during this time in my life. It didn’t really work.

After ended a job, I moved to South Korea for work. I learned a lot. I made some great friends.

I went back to Texas for a bit.

I took a job in Alaska that I really enjoyed. It was temp so I found another job in Alaska. I could not wait to get back to Texas because I thought things would be different. They weren’t. I have currently been in Texas for five years but I tell people that I have lived here for fifteen.

So I always struggle when people ask me where I’m from. When they look at me, they know that I am not from Texas but they don’t quite know where that place is. The funny thing is I don’t know either.

I usually just call Taylor home because that is where I lived the longest. But I sleep the best at my sister’s house(wherever that happens to be at the moment thanks to Army life).

Where do you call home?


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