I’ve had a lot on my mind but haven’t really felt like blogging. I still can’t believe that people manage to read my blog when I’m not posting regularly. The semester is in full force.
     I have been doing some run challenges with friends. My foot has been bothering me. It’s plantar fasciitis. I just realized that was the same issue I had last winter. So I’m trying to be more proactive. I took my first epsom soak last night.
     I’ve got a more manageable time management system. So I can actually get stuff done ahead of schedule. I joined a dissertation group which will be good. I found some good theory to support my ideas.
      I just realized I’m actually a lot more boring than I thought. Which is okay but when people ask me the inevitable “Are you dating?” I just say no but the reality is, it’s no because I’m boring. For the time being I have to focus on writing.

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