Just Another Weird Day In My World


Hey blog readers,

I know I talked about stats and coding that I am working on but in the midst of all of that, other things seem to keep happening. You know, that thing we call life. So here we go. I have a lot of guy friends. Some of my guy friends are single and some of my guy friends have girlfriends. No big deal. Everything is on the up and up. So no issues right.

Until there is an issue. One of my guy friends let’s call him L, has a girlfriend. We all know that L has a girlfriend. L knows he has a girlfriend, except when he is not around his girlfriend. When L is not around his girlfriend he acts like he is single, carefree, and living the good life. Last year, one night after hanging out with a bunch of friends, L got flirty with me. I brushed it off. L gave me a ride home and when I said goodbye, I gave L a hug and a thank you kiss on the cheek(no big deal, I kiss most of my friends on the cheek). Well, L, didn’t take that thank you kiss as a thank you. L took that thank you kiss as more and I stopped him. I went home.

Fast forward to this summer and we make some new friends. One in particular, let’s call him B. Well, B was cool and fit in with our group. We all hung out and had a nice time. A friend invites all of us to a party. I need a ride to the party. L lets me know that he can’t give me a ride to the party because he is bringing his girlfriend. In another conversation, L asked me if I was interested in B for a FWB relationship, to which I said no. So B is kind enough to give me a ride to the party. As soon as we get to the party, B tells me that he only came to the party because L was coming. I thought that was weird but didn’t think anything of it. I enjoyed the party. I had a good time. Then L arrives with his girlfriend and his girlfriend introduces herself as if we had never met(we met a year ago). I kept it moving. After a bit L decided that he and his girlfriend were going to leave. Then B decides he wants to leave. So that was my cue to leave. I say my goodbyes. As we are on the way out, L makes a comment that I was leaving with the person who brought me, I said yes, because that’s what I do.

On the ride home, B and I have a conversation. We actually have a nice conversation about a ton of different things. I mentioned to B that L thought I should entertain a FWB relationship with him. B, didn’t say anything. So I went home not thinking anything of it.

The next day, I get a few messages from L questioning me about talking to B about our previous conversation. He also questioned me about my behavior with B. Well, I guess people really don’t get that I am honest and blunt and I will tell anybody anything pertaining to myself. So I said, yes, I had a conversation with B. So, I was frustrated because I didn’t understand why B told L about our conversation. I didn’t understand if B didn’t believe me or if he didn’t believe that L would suggest the idea. I didn’t have a chance to see B but I sent him a short email. He replied back to me with an even shorter response. So I was pissed.

This is what makes me mad, why does L even care? Here’s my thing, why is L all up in my kool-aid when he has a girlfriend? Why Why did B act like a %$^*! and talk to L? Why didn’t B tell L something like “Hey, I respect Gemma and she doesn’t get down like that”. So right now, B and L get two fingers from me. In other news, I just found out that people think that the drama between acquaintenemy and myself will just be solved by having sex. That answer is a big fat no. For one, acquaintenemy is not my type. For two, he has way too much ego. For three, I wouldn’t give him the satisfaction. I guess people just can’t seem to believe that I am celibate by choice, so they think I just need to have sex with anyone. That is so not the case. I’m just trying to meet someone who I can build a friendship with that could lead to a long-term relationship down the road. But since that seems so unlikely, I am just stuck in the world of me, myself, and I.

This is the kind of crap that I have to put up with on the daily. It gets old.




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