The Outrage At Your Lack Of Outrage


Today we learned that yet another unarmed Black person was killed at the hands of police. I am angry. I am sad. I am disappointed. I am frustrated. I am tired. This is literally happening everyday. White and those people of color who attempt to pass as White are nowhere to be found in the camp of outrage.

The fact that so many people can go through life as if nothing is happening astounds me. I have so many White friends who believe that something otherworldly will happen if they express a thought, blink, or cough at the injustice that happens to Black and Brown people everywhere. Did I miss the memo? Was there some big announcement made that said that as a human being, you are to remain silent about injustice? Who made this announcement? Why do so many people follow this decree?

One part of following the decree is asking those who are clearly outraged “Why are you so angry?” “Why are you upset, it it didn’t happen to you”. Well, here’s the thing, let’s just propose that is does happen to me. Will you be outraged at the footage of me being killed in cold blood? Will you be outraged at my funeral? Will you be outraged if my case happens to go to trial? When will you be outraged?

Is there a class that people can take where they are taught not to be angry? Ever? That seems so inhuman to me. Do you treat me as a friend, associate, person in the universe as not being fully human? In your quest to placate those who don’t want you to express your emotions fully, are you really part of the problem?

As long as you continue to live life in such a way that the discrimination and pain of others does not affect you in the slightest, you will continue to be part of the reason why we do not see change in the world. Do you know that as people express outrage over the killing of Cecil the Lion(which was definitely uncalled for), those same people are silent on the injustices faced by Black and Brown people of color in this country everyday.

I am so tired of this great wall of silence that people erect every time they say “I don’t talk about politics/issues/real life on my blog or Twitter”. It is such a cop out. It is the same cop out that people express when they say “I’m not racist because I have a Black friend”.

How are you changing the world today?




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  1. I told myself the same thing a while back when confronted with the racism and hypocrisy in the Netherlands. I vowed to never bite my tongue when hearing people talk about matters in a hurtful way. Some don’t even know they are being hurtful, all though deep down there must be that little voice.

    I share your outrage and look at the person in the mirror as often as possible to check if I’m still on the right path and doing as much as I can…

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  2. Epi B. thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts. I like what you said about looking at the person in the mirror. Have a great day.


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