To Those Who Think That The Confederate Flag Doesn’t Mean Anything


First of all, most of the people who will tell you that the confederate flag doesn’t mean anything are either White people swaddled in privilege or immigrants who don’t know the history of the United States and are desperately trying to fit in. To Black people and those who respect Black people in this country, the confederate has and will always represent racism and white supremacy. The United States first flag was not the confederate flag. The Confederate flag did not represent every state in this country.
     The Confederate flag does not unite this country. The Confederate flag is not a symbol of what it means to be an American. If there is any confusion,  go to your local library and read a few books about history. There is no precedent for a deep and abiding love for the Confederate flag unless you love racism and white supremacy more than what this country stands for.
     If you woke up tomorrow and the only flag that flew high and proud in this country was the Nazi flag, this country would be burning and the only people supporting the Nazi flag would be the same people who are robing themselves in the Confederate flag. There is nothing to be commended in the Confederate flag,  as there is nothing to be commended in the Nazi flag. Ask yourself what are your thoughts toward Hitler, or toward the Jewish people. If there is a hint in you that thinks that Hitler was just misunderstood, you just might be a racist, white supremacist sympathizer.
     If you think the Civil War was solely about states rights, go read each states’ constitution and read their currently enforced laws. You will find that many states continue to operate under Jim Crow laws that precisely existed to keep people of color in their place. Their laws exist to keep women in their place. Their laws exist to perpetuate White, male, supremacy. States laws exist to maintain the status quo and the status quo only benefits one segment of the population.
     If you are a person of color and not a Black person, everything that you read that mentions a Black person, just take a moment and replace Black person with Hispanic person, Asian person, Irish person, Jewish person, Middle-Eastern person, LGBTQI person, woman, aka everything but a White hetero male. How do you feel now? How does it feel to know that the Confederate flag does not support you either? For all of the people who have been fed the lie that slavery was fun, please take a moment and read an actual slave narrative. Read Sojourner Truth. Read Frederick Douglass. Read the White Quakers and other abolitionists’ works. Read the works of Abraham Lincoln. Shoot, read the works of all of the founding fathers.
      For those of you who hate social media, take a break, go old school, and take a trip to your local library. It’s all there in Black, White, and some color. Just like Reading Rainbow says “Take a look, it’s in a book”. I’m so tired of trying to educate truly ignorant and illiterate people. It is so draining. It is depressing.
     My best friend asked me why I was letting all of this get to me, especially people on the Internet. Well, it’s because I’m a sensitive person, I believe in equal rights, and I don’t think the whole country should have to go back to living in 1950’s pre Civil Rights America just because a small percentage of the country can afford to ignore it. You think that people you don’t agree with completely are just blowing smoke while more and more people are dying in this country every day. I don’t think it’s right that Black children are treated like chattel and Black women are seen as animals. When I was in middle school,  my first boyfriend was White. I loved him deeply. He was very special to me. My dad told me that I had to break up with him because society wasn’t ready for interracial relationships. I was like f you dad(in my head). I did what I was told and it was truly one of the biggest mistakes of my life. My dad was trying to shield me from getting my feelings hurt, but it just added to my crushed spirit. Mind you, this was in the 1990’s.
     We have come a long way in this country but the willful ignorance that people choose to live by and the real, meaningful conversations that we refuse to have with ourselves and others will contribute to our demise in the long run. Do I hate White people? No, I love everyone to bits(except those who shall no longer be discussed). I just wish White people could see us all as equal and end their discrimination now. In fact, the only people we should spend time hating, are those who seek to destroy our nation. And as a result, no one should coddle, support, empathize, or sympathize with racists of any shape, color, or form. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are for all people and racists are against those basic rights.
      Let’s all spend more time thinking before we speak(I know this can be tough), so that we can truly learn from each other in order to have a more united whole.This is the only way that we can move forward as a diverse nation because whether you act like you are turning a blind eye, our country is only getting more diverse. This requires getting out of your comfort zone and creating change. I’m a melting pot, my comfort zone is diverse because I know no other way.


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