Being Silent


So earlier today a group of people were discussing some news about a former Playmate. Of course,  I added my thoughts. They were just my thoughts. I said that I didn’t have sympathy for those Playmates who chose to become apart of Hef’s harem because they knew what they were getting into.
     Well, the other people in the conversation were outraged by my thoughts. I don’t equate Playboy bunnies with sex trafficking victims(who I believe are truly held against their will and even killed). I feel like the adults who have made the choice to be with Hef have made just that, their choice.
    I was called all kinds of names and belittled, along with being told how ignorant I was. At that point it didn’t matter what I said to clarify or explain my thoughts, no one wanted to hear me out. So I left the conversation and deleted my comments. I also lost a few people that I considered to be friends.
     So, I made the decision not to make anymore comments on social media because my voice/opinions/thoughts are considered to be not valid. As a result,  I am sure I will learn new lessons in silence and change my focus.
     I think it’s sad that it has come to this but maybe this is one of the lessons that I needed to learn a long time ago and now I am in the space to learn it.


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  1. You really do learn a lot by being silent… I’ve always tended to be the one to sit back and observe and not say much (unless I feel it my moral duty to jump in or something 😛 ) So good luck with that.

    That being said – you’re opinion is valid even if your “friends” don’t think much of it… but hellooo those playmates were paid weekly and given a house to live in etc… It was a job. The job may have sucked and maybe their boss was demeaning… but… hey they could leave when they wanted… and eventually they did. Definitely agree with you that it was their choice. Anyone equating it to “sex trafficking” is an idiot. Trafficking victims are kidnapped, drugged, raped… beaten. So much worse than what said playmate would have gone through. Equating them to prostitutes is plausible – trafficking victims, No.

    I do pity the playmates the circumstances, nobody likes having a crappy job/boss 😉 …and I am curious as to their motivations for staying as long as they did….

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  2. Exactly! I think the way my brain tends to be wired, I am always looking for a moment to share what I am thinking or what is on my mind and I forget that not everyone cares what I have to say or what I am thinking.

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