When You Have A Great Idea


Hey blog readers,

I know you may be wondering when I am actually going to go through with the book and right now the answer is I don’t know, hopefully before I get too old lol. I didn’t realize that I had started this blog years ago. So I looked at the blog in book form and I have a ton there, it just needs to be edited. Well, writing and editing a book is a major ordeal and I already know that I can’t put it before my degree(aka I have already been warned). So, I just thought that I would make baby steps with it this summer.

I am still doing the run 2015 in 2015 challenge and realized that I have to tack on a few more miles to actually complete the challenge(I slacked for a few months). I should be okay(running the calculations now). Since I already run a few long runs during the week, I just have to add to my other days of the week. I think I just got a burst of motivation, so I am really excited about that.

I have started going to a run and yoga class(where you go for a run and then do yoga after) and I found some really cool body positive yogis(including my teacher) so I am upping my yoga game. That’s right, forearm headstand is in my sites(I can actually do it against a wall now). I am so excited because yoga really calms me down(its like I have to face all of my racing thoughts and my racing heart and just feel them slow down).

So yeah, my operation superhero challenge is in full effect. What is operation superhero? Oh, its just this challenge that I have in my head to help me get fit and be healthier(I know you are probably thinking that I am already fit). My answer to that is yes and no. I am fit everywhere but my abdomen. I have a sugar belly. I think sugar is probably my comfort(and cheese and ice cream). So over the weekend, I got serious about my food and I cleaned out my pantry. It was quite a liberating experience. Also I actually cooked. I don’t cook a lot but I will definitely do more because cooking is also a form of meditation.

Well, that’s all that I am up to at the moment. I hope you have a wonderful day.

How are you challenging yourself today?




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