Last night one of my favorite online inspirational people Mandy Hale mentioned a new challenge called 40 days of surrender. It is a follow up to her 40 days of feeling good(which I obviously missed). So I talked to my bestie amemoryleak and we decided to take on this new challenge. I didn’t tell her yet, or rather, I am combining the 40 days so it can be 40 days of feeling good to surrender lol.

I talked to a bunch of great supports last night and I took my anxious self back to therapy this morning. I am really excited about what this new journey is going to reveal and I look forward to the growth. It felt really good to have someone just listen and not tell me not to feel or that I was totally wrong. I even provided goals(which is always a good thing).

So, if you or anyone you are close to is going through something or just can’t seem to shake something, encourage them to go process it with someone. It always helps. Now, it doesn’t always feel good but therapy is a privilege and a great resource for those who need it.

I got my syllabus for my summer class, which I may say looks totally awesome. The class will be mixed with MA and Phd students and we(the Phd students) will serve as advisers for the MA students’ projects. All of our projects are going to be related to our dissertation so I plan on having one map link food insecurity and infant mortality, another to link food insecurity and migration, and another to link food insecurity and education. I still have to think about the fourth one. Also, my books were actually delivered to the post office so I am headed to pick them up and I am excited about that.

I had a chat with one of my mentors about conceptual frameworks and that really gave me a good path to go one *cough* more reading. Because for those(like myself), who didn’t know, your conceptual framework is basically a path that guides your research design. If you don’t have a solid conceptual framework, your paper can kind of fall apart at any moment, or any random paragraph.

Well, I hope that you have a great day and remember that kindness never hurts. Hope is always ready to lead the way. God is bigger than any fears we may have.




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