Dear Future


Dear future husband,
                                    I have dreamed, hoped, wished, and prayed for you my whole life. I have always had a part of my heart and spirit reserved for you. I have had moments where I thought I glimpsed you or even met you but I know that I wasn’t even close by a long shot.
Thank you for your patience, compassion, kindness and love in advance.  Thank you for your strength in the meantime.
    I know that I’m not the easiest person to get to know or love but I thank you for going the extra mile and believing that I’m worth it. In return for your generosity of spirit,  I promise to love and cherish you with every fiber of my being. All and anything that is good in me, honors all that is within you.
     I know that the wait is not easy but always remember that you are worth it. For you I would do all that I would normally think that I could not do because having you in my life makes me that much better.  I would write all of the loveliest words because you summon them from the deepest places.  I would sing new songs just so that you would know of the new melodies that you bring to my heart.
    What is love without you in it? What is fear as long as you are standing near? Why does all of the wasted time seem as if a memory when you are a true gift? All of the mind boggling questions seem to disappear when you are so many wonderful answers.
     With every fiber of my being, I honor you, I’m in awe of you, and I can’t wait to see where the rest of our journey together takes us. Over mountains or through the lowest valleys,  we can get through it all together as long as we continue to let God lead. May we never tire of blessing others because of how blessed we are.
     Always know that I’m waiting and praying for you and I trust that you are doing the same. God bless you and keep you forever and always. Your heart and spirit help me draw closer to God as we seek His face and purpose.
Love forever and always,
Me the luckiest girl in the world xoxo


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