Off To A Pancake Run With New Friends Who Get It


So on Sunday I made it to my friend’s house for the pancake run(after I missed the stop and had to go back two miles). As soon as I got there everyone was rearing to go and very welcoming.  We had a bit of small talk before we headed out for the run. Well, I could keep up with the faster group for about two minutes ha!

As I began at my own pace, I noticed there was a couple ahead of me. After they made out for a bit, the guy went on and the girl kept at her pace. I guess they didn’t realize anyone was behind them. The girl turned her head and motioned for me to join her at her pace. So I did. Well, she turned out to be a really cool person. She had partied a lot the night before but she still had really good form and pace. As the guys were on their way back, they gave us high fives.

We had a great run with the deer and the beauty in nature that was right there to enjoy. We talked about run strategies and motivations. We made it back to the house ready for pancakes. Everyone encouraged us and we all had a great time eating delicious pancakes and fruit and having great conversations about running.

So the group has been running together for years and they were more than happy to include me. They get together throughout the week and do speed work. I mentioned to one of the coaches that I was too fat to do speed work. He swiftly gave me a side eye and said no matter what and no matter what size, we all have to do speed work even for long distances, basically that is the only way that we will build endurance and get the speed we need to be faster. So there ya have it, I have to do some form of speed work at least once a week.

This week I have been totally off because the time change is really kicking my butt and my hours changed at work(only for this week) so I am losing more than an hour of sleep which is not good for an already exhausted insomniac. I take melatonin and drink tea before bed but still. As soon as my alarms go off(I have six), my brain says that it is time to go to sleep.

I made huge strides with my code(I’m going to show my professor so he knows that I did it). The output is so beautiful(it really is). The implications are huge. So we will see soon what this translates to in my paper. I have a few other assignments to work on as well(story of my life lol).



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