What A Weekend


     So Spring Break officially started Thursday night. On Friday I decided to celebrate by dying my hair. I got two shades of brown. I looked at a few YouTube videos, changed some things up and boom, less mess, and a more uniform color. It’s pretty much black with traces of brown in some of the curls.
     Here’s what I learned from YouTube that I never did before, one thing was to put something on the places you don’t want to get dye on, I used a moisturizer and it worked great. The other thing was to wrap your dyed hair in saran wrap and letting it sit. Worked like a charm. Also, not being afraid of leaving the dye in. I’m convinced curly, thick hair is stubborn lol.
     The one thing I did to cut down on dye mess was to do everything in the shower/bathtub. I think I was more careful but I didn’t have dye everywhere like usual. Use a mirror if you are trying to do fancy stuff.
     I went for a run yesterday. I ran some errands. I saw some old friends. I was tired. This morning I’m headed to a friend’s pancake run. I’ve been excited for it all week. This morning I stopped over at Starbucks and someone who I faintly know saw me. They were screaming at me to get my attention. I ignored. I went inside and basically tried to hide in the Starbucks and drink my hot chocolate in peace.  Do you know the person had the audacity to come into the Starbucks and try and talk to me! I kept my distance,  I told the person that whatever they were talking about did not concern me. Then I had to try and explain to the Starbucks people that I didn’t know the person. They didn’t engage me. They left the Starbucks.  I finished my drink and went to the bus stop.
     I’m really good about keeping my distance from people and I don’t engage. I was startled though. I’m glad it didn’t escalate.
     I’m excited about the run and hope I can keep up. My friend has fast friends.


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