When You Make One Change, Its Like A Domino Effect


This weekend was pretty interesting. I didn’t intend for it to be that way. I was just happy to have a moment to breathe. At this moment, I don’t remember what I did on Friday. Oh wait, yes I went to the post office to send off very important mail and found out that the servers were down and I had to pay cash. I didn’t know how much an actual stamp cost. So I asked how much a Forever stamp cost, I guess they were one in the same. So I was able to get two stamps. I got some books in the mail(one for pleasure and one for my paper). I made it back to campus and got a bit of work done.

On Saturday I went for a run. Oh yeah and then this guy who stood me up a few months ago(it was also a cold, chilly night), texted me(I had actually blocked his number) and I texted him back. He called me. I asked him what he had in mind(he was asking me why I hadn’t responded to him and I mentioned that I was doing dishes). See I had this great plan of cleaning up and I did do some dishes but I was thinking about a ton of other stuff so I didn’t get as much done as I wanted to). He mentioned that his heat wasn’t working and that I could meet him at the mall. I had flashbacks to being in sixth grade and meeting up with guys from Detroit at the mall(it was a weird time back in the ’90’s). So I went and ran a bath and decided that I would stand him up. So I did. See, when we talked the first statements out of his mouth were why it was so nuts that I didn’t have a car still. Welp, I don’t and since I am okay with that, who cares who isn’t.

As many of you know I have a bad Facebook habit. In fact a few years ago some classmates challenged me to quit Facebook for a few weeks, it was tough. Well, I noticed that a friend of a friend was sending out suicidal posts. Since Facebook had a new policy regarding suicidal posts, I engaged the person and offered some suggestions and support. I also reported all of the posts that I saw. Well, nothing happened. So I called the suicide hotline myself to get some answers for what to do(the person was in another state). Well, they weren’t very helpful and they asked me if I was doing self-care(which I was). They told me to call them back if I needed to talk. Basically they wanted me to call the person. Well, at this point the person wasn’t trying to hear anything that I was saying. So I told them that I would always be available to listen and I gave them my number. I was frustrated because I know what it is like to be at that point.

Over the weekend there were various races that were cancelled due to weather. Well, my Facebook timeline consisted of fifty or so people complaining about this that or the other. So I mentioned to a guy that he could run his 50 miler in his backyard and that the complaining didn’t change anything that was out of his control. So a few people told me that I didn’t have to be in the conversation and that I didn’t understand him and basically told me to leave a group. So after mentioning that he had a lot to be grateful for and that he had other races (this year to look forward to), I wished him the best in his races and I quit Facebook.

OMG, I know right! Like how could I the most extroverted of all introverts leave Facebook. Well, I deactiviated and this waited for the signal to get my data, I was able to delete my account(well per Facebook it will be deleted after 14 days). How do I feel? I feel great. I actually felt great last night. Oh by the way, Facebook said that all of my 1,393 friends would miss me and I beg to different because only five people liked my sayanora post and only two of those five commented lol.

So now hopefully I can see those friends in real life or on Twitter/Instagram or some other thing I happen to still be on. I see this move as a win win for me. Also, I was able to find some great containers at Goodwill for my stuff and I was able to start to get organized. What a wonder.

In other news, I had a chat with my best friend about my blog and she mentioned that sometimes she just wants to shake me after reading my posts. She thinks that I have to think positive about myself. Well, sometimes I want to shake her too because she doesn’t think positively about herself lol. So its something that I have to work on.

So here’s to new perspectives




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