Street2Feet 5k Recap


Hello all,

Over the weekend I ran my first Street2Feet 5k. Street2Feet is the running group through SAMMinistries that is comprised of members who are seeking services at Haven For Hope and anyone who has ever been as Haven For Hope. It is also open to anyone who just wants to run with great people.

I was excited about the race when I went to packet pickup and I told some friends that I would meet them at 5am to participate in the race prep. Well, I was not done with my homework for stats so I spent the whole rest of the night working on it. I didn’t go to bed until 2am and woke up at, yep 5:37am. So I called a cab. I got to the race site and forgot my bib. So I had to make a trip back home. I got back to the race site and was able to help out with registration.

I ate a half of a bagel and one doughnut because doughnuts. I had decided that I would run the whole race. Usually I am a die hard run walker but I really wanted to try. Off I went and then I saw a girl running barefoot with nothing but KT tape on her arches and boy did I feel bad. I saw a lot of kids with their families. I encouraged every kid that I could who was walking to keep going. I figured they were young and had more energy than I did so why wouldn’t they be faster than me.

I walked at the water stop and I was so proud of myself. I kept running and then near the finish, a guy said that it was just a little bit to go until the actual finish line. I said thank you. I kept going and as soon I got to the finish all of my friends cheered for me and announced my name. I felt really good. I did it. I ran a race with just a little bit of walking. I felt like a superstar. We had instant results and I found out that I had placed 13th in my age group and I had a new 5k pr.

After as I was cheering on the other runners, an old acquaintance came up to me and asked me if I remembered him. I said yes and burst into tears. This was someone who had run the same race a few years back in 17 minutes. He was completely unrecognizable. And that is what addiction does, it makes you into someone you don’t even know. It is devastating.

I couldn’t shake the emotional roller coaster that I was on and tried to suck it up for pictures. I also met some really cool runners, including the guy who encouraged us at the finish(who ran the race in 19 minutes). A lot of people complimented me on my shirt(its my favorite shirt that says “Kiss My Sass”). I also gave a guy my number but we won’t talk about that, he’s way out of my league. You ever have times when people just take your number because they don’t want to be rude?

Then I went to the grocery store, bought some awesome roses, and got back to work. I took a break from coding to go to the movies on Sunday night with some running buddies. We saw McFarland,USA. It is an awesome true story and it will stay with me for a long time.



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