Songs From Heaven


This morning I found out that a dear friend has passed to Heaven. Faith M. was a wonderful friend that I have had since childhood(we lived in the same group of apartments). Faith was always sweet, kind, and just an all around great person. She never said a cross word about anyone and she was my friend no matter how I acted. Because let me tell you, when I was a kid, I was pretty bad. I was a bully. I was mean. But I was also smart and hurting. One time in fifth grade, I made every girl in the fifth grade mad at me and as a result had no friends. I mean none. But Faith never went with the status quo.

Over the years Faith and I lost touch because our familes moved around. We reconnected through Facebook and I learned that Faith had had some heart issues. Faith and I are both apart of a special group of people known as “The Zipper Club”. The Zipper Club refers to people who have had open heart surgery. I had open heart surgery when I was a baby.

Faith never let her heart issues get her down. In fact, she used her life moments to draw closer to God and draw others closer to God as well. When I heard the news this morning I burst into tears and just started working out(because I knew I had to keep going). Words will never express the epicness of Faith’s life and love for others. She inspired everyone around her to live big and love strong.

I know that she is singing with the angels and adding even more beauty to our wonderful world in her own special way. I know that we will see her all again one day and oh what day of rejoicing that will be. Until then may we all live life to the fullest and truly enjoy each moment just because it is a moment that we are able to enjoy.



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