So yesterday I had a total break through with my code aka, I made one small change and everything ran. As  a result, I was able to get my first example done(which is pretty much the first part of my homework) and I am confident I will be able to finish the rest and have my homework turned in before Monday. I am so freaking excited about it. In the midst of my excitement I found out that I won a Twitter award from SAS for best dramatic tweet. Because anyone who knows me knows that I am excited and dramatic especially when it comes to code. How cool is that?

Today is packet pickup for the Street2Feet 5k tomorrow which honors and gives back to SAMMinistries and Street2Feet a running group that helps homeless runners in the city. Since I also have a long run tomorrow, my plan is to burn the midnight oil on my homework if needed to get as much done as I can or most of it tomorrow before I run. So its kind of like a reward. I read somewhere that it is important to focus on one thing at a time(even though we encourage people to be multi-taskers), I find that this is true because I find I am much more productive when I work on one thing at a time and see it to completion.

So R has this part in it called Knit Word and you just click it and it takes all of your code and makes it into a Word document. I mean just like that you have a smoking hot, ready for submission Word document with article ready charts and graphs. When I saw it with my own data, it was so beautiful! Because last semester, I had to hand create all of my charts and graphs in Word and even though it got the job done, this just looks way more polished.

As far as my research goes, this semester I am looking at food insecurity and immigrant/migrant health. Because ya know I have to keep up with my theme of food insecurity *I roll my eyes inside when I remember someone saying that to me*. But it turns out that not only is food insecurity an important issue, it only makes sense for me to write all that I can now for my big writing project. Its kind of a thing that all successful Ph.D students have done before me. You know the saying if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Well, I am off to write more code and enjoy the rest of this awesome day.



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