When Things Come Together In Still Moments


Today is Ash Wednesday. It is a time of reflection and prayerful moments in expectation of Easter. With the news of ISIS killing yet another group of people for their faith, I am in a time of inner reflection and thoughts of peace for all of us. I am a believer, I am also human. Just because I don’t like the way someone expresses their choice to believe or not doesn’t mean I think that I am powerful enough to exert my will on someone else’s life.

This morning I was just tired and worn out so I did not go for a run or even a walk. I did get my push ups in . I am trying to tell myself that it is okay to have one day of rest. I may go for a walk later but I haven’t decided yet. I cannot believe the big race is in three weeks. This weekend I am doing a 5k with my friends that supports the homeless ministries that helped us and continues to help us. It is so great to be able to give back to others.

I am still working on my stats assignment. I revised my data yet again(to actually include food insecurity lol and Hispanic ethnicity was its own variable for some reason). So I added four variables to the mix and got the correct food security weight(in CPS data they refer to food insecurity as food security and measure it). I am really excited about my research. I also found out that my paper from last semester was good enough to be entered into a competition. So I am going to tweak it a little and submit it. That should be interesting.

I basically have my data for my methods assignment, we are looking at population extrapolation estimates. So, since I had a ton of data from Wayne county, I am also going to look at Washtenaw county as well. I have to stick with one state because for our estimate methods, you have to have children(counties) and a parent(the state).

I think Wednesdays are always good days for me because I don’t have class to prepare for(like last semester). So things are going swimmingly at the moment. The other day, this guy who had been a jerk to me at times really needed my help. I helped him because it was major for him but not for me. I think he told super jerk because super jerk said hello to me yesterday. Yes, I pray for all of the jerks that come across my path too.

A lot of people keep asking me programming questions(in real life) so I do a fair share of googling. I think I will probably have to learn python at some point lol. Right now I am over the moon with R but I heard that a lot of businesses use Python. Just something else to put in my cap.

Well, I hope you have a great day.




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