An Interesting Valentine’s Weekend


Hey blog readers and viewers,

How are you today? I am freezing. This morning I went for a walk and apparently the temperature dropped and I didn’t use enough brain cells to bring a coat. I brought a hoodie. It used to be so warm. Well, anyway. This weekend I ran the Be My Valentine 5k and it was a total blast! Obviously I still have to work on my eating because I only had one gluten free fruit and nut bar before the event(like an hour before) and I still had to go to the bathroom at the end(sorry, TMI). There were moments when I walked and people were so encouraging, they were like “You go girl” basically looking at me like “Why are you walking?”. Well, I started out with the 8 minute group(I know, I know but its about positioning for me). Plus, it was a narrow course. So I was holding my own until my lungs were like “Yo, who do you think you are?” So then I would walk and try and tell my lungs that it was still me lol. When I am in my element, I have a hella kick(I mean when I see the finish). So, I booked it forgetting that I still had .1 to go lol. I ran it in for the finish. Then there was a party after. I shuffled and wobbled and had a blast. A couple of friends and I went out for lunch(and I wanted ice cream) but it didn’t happen because I still had the rest of my long run to go. It was really nice to have friends to spend time with.

My long run was supposed to be 20 or so more miles but around ten I just kept looking at my dehydrated hand and I decided to cut it short(plus I had homework). Such is life right. Well, yesterday I intended to finish those miles but ended up walking because Aunt Flo came to visit and she drains me on day 1. This morning I walked as well.

In other news, I got my migration assignment turned in last night but I don’t think I did it right. We were warned that it would be a challenge to find data but I didn’t realize it would be that much of a challenge. It was kind of like a data dump. I compared my current county with the county that I grew up in. Basically, once people move to Texas, they rarely leave and once people move to Michigan, they leave in droves. I did a migration projection for Wayne county and I was entirely too optimistic using the Hamilton-Perry method compared to the actual census numbers(I was 20,000 people too high).

I have my first stats homework due in a week and it has three parts to it. Right now I am recoding my variables. It would be so nice to have part one done tonight. I realized that I am the type of person who gets things done when I focus on one thing at a time. So I am devoting most of this week to that(aka working on it until its finished).

How is your Monday going?




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