When Life Meets You Where You Are


Hello blog viewers and readers,

I am pretty sure I had really interesting blog posts to write but I was completely stuck for a week on my fertility assignment and I had to keep going until it was done. So, basically we had to project the age specific birth rates for a population(I chose Non-Hispanic Black women and American Indian or Alaskan Native women). I had 2000 and 2010 data that I used to project to 2020. To me, it was kind of a continuation on a previous assignment. But the catch was we had to use two of Smith’s methods(he had a ton and he mentioned throughout the chapter that most were tricky and challenging). I used the constant method(where you believe the rates will stay constant over time) and I also used the synthetic method(where you compare a ratio of what you have to a projected standard).

Now I have to work on this week’s assignment where we will look at the migration patterns of two large counties(so of course one of my choices will be my county). Last night in class my professor said that we don’t have to limit ourselves to our state, so of course I will try and use Wayne County, the home of my childhood. That sounds really interesting.

Last night there was a meeting discussing gentrification in the city and I was able to make some really good points and then I dropped the mic(well, they didn’t let me hold it so I figuratively dropped it lol). I was told that food insecurity is a social justice issue and I beg to differ. I believe that food insecurity is a life issue. Why is it okay and acceptable for a city to revitalize an area while ignoring the basic needs of the citizens in that area? It is not okay. I am angry that our local grocery store has depleted one of our poorest local stores of healthy and nutritious food options for a wide variety of cheetos, while any other brand of said grocery store has little to no cheetos.

Speaking of the citizenry, Ted Cruz sent me an email in response to my foodstamp drama over the spring. If you can remember, I actually received correspondence from local and other state officials. It is so ironic and sad at the same time. But that too could be a whole ‘nother blog post. Also, his email was sent via no reply. Haha! Get it.

Over the weekend I ran 16 miles. The night before I finally lost my purple toenail(and my foot couldn’t feel better, so relieved). Well, I committed a cardinal rule of running and that is Thou Shalt Not Run Long Distances Without Body Lube aka vaseline/body glide. I chaffed so bad that I bled. I’m still sore. So I walk like it was legs day at the gym but its due to horrific chaffing. It helps when I wear two pairs of tights lol.

Last night I was headed home on the bus, some guys hopped on and one of the guys tried to holla at an acquaintance of mine. When he called her sexy, she pointed him in my direction(and she got off the bus). So, dude tries to run lines on me, I shut him down. A lot. I was actually on the phone at the time(and my friend was like ugh I hope you make it home). So I basically had this broken record of no. The guy said to me “Oh, I know, I see you all the time and you are always by yourself”. He said “I wanted to see if you wanted a friend”. I guess that is code for fwb or something(I don’t know because I stopped giving out those benefits years ago). So I said “No new friends, like Drake says”. Basically, I just keep to myself and I am cordial to my immediate neighbors.

This weekend I am running a Valentine’s Day 5k before I get in 23 miles.

Have a great day!




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