Why I Hate Mean People


     I hate mean people. I make such an effort to be nice to others, just in general and I hate when people are mean to me. It takes me back to childhood and it makes me want to be invisible.
     Today before class, I had too many things in my hands. So when the spoon I wanted flew out of the dispenser and fell on the ground, I grabbed another one and pushed the dirty spoon to the trash with my foot.  Some of my classmates were sitting together and one said that I had missed something and that I needed to go pick up the spoon.  I said quite indignantly that I did not, would not, and that is why I pushed it near the trash and walked off. Later one of the group asked me why I didn’t sit with them and I said because they were assholes and I would never sit with them. He tried to say they weren’t and I said that if he were a woman they would treat him the same way.
     Another classmate said that I needed to forgive them. Its hard for me to forgive people who go out of their way to treat me like shit. I don’t think I have to but I do. I’m going to pray for willingness.
     In other news, my professor looked at me like I had a third ear when  I mentioned that I didn’t have internet at home. Again,  if people want to contribute to my internet fund, I’m more than willing to let them. I also found out that I don’t need the internet to work on my code, super awesome life saver.
     Well, I had some tea, now its off to bed. How do you deal with mean people in your life?


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