The Journey Continues. 1/24/15


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shysmom's Blog

So much has happened since my last post. I worked myself to exhaustion which caused me to relapse in my illness yet again. Then my phone died. Yikes!

I’m finally well. Back to my old self. I’ve gradually increased my intense workouts. I even ran for the first time all year last weekend!


January 9th was the one year anniversary of my first 100 Day Challenge. This week I took progress pics to show how far I’ve come. I was so excited.

Then Thursday I went for my wellness screening. I purposely haven’t been on the scale in almost a year, so I was looking forward to see how much I’ve lost since last year’s screening. Imagine my shock when I saw I weighed more than I did last year. I was very upset. I cried. A lot. I wanted to call off of work and wallow in self pity…

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