Tales From My First Endurathon 25k


Hello blog readers! Here is the race report that I mentioned that I would write a few days ago(I have been thinking about it since race day but I needed a moment to figure out how to get it all out lol). Let me warn you in advance, this race was definitely about enduring all things. So I may mention some things that aren’t the cutest in the world lol.I don’t know how people give a mile by mile playback but I will try.

Before the race: My friends picked me up at 6:35am(I had been up since four but whatev). I was happy and excited. We made a store run and I got a huge chocolate muffin(because I freaking love them), some roasted nuts and a chocolate chip cookie(do you see a pattern?). I had some cliff blocks,honey stingers, sports beans, and gu in my pack. I also got a white Gatorade(not a blue one–trail joke).

We arrive at the race start and used the port a potty and got our chip timers. My number was 81(which was significant to me because that is my birth year), So I was super excited. Well, let’s just say some of my excitement started to wear off once I realized that I was probably the most over dressed person there. There were people in shorts and singlets(It started out at 35 or so degrees).

Mile One: The race began with everyone at once. I was with a few buddies and we talked about running of course. At the first turn of course we ran on a patch of ice. That was interesting and it immediately took me back to my childhood in Michigan. I was in a good mood, ratchet music was guiding me along. I just kept telling myself to run my own race.

Mile Two: I am still running and just observing my surroundings trying to take everything in. The hills aren’t too bad but there are hills. I remember the guy at the start telling us that every hill had a descent(aka what we go up, we have to go down).

Mile Three: I am still running. I am sweating a little. Not anything major. I am starting to understand why this race is called the Endurathon because we are battling traffic. Everyone here has a huge ranch truck(no F150s to be found). So its like a game of chicken because I guess the residents didn’t get the memo that there would be a race today,

Mile Four: I am running and I meet a lady named Karen. She is really nice. I decide to run with her. She tells me about her life and how she is a triathlete but she took some time off. I tell her how I put a triathlon on my bucket list but how I am still a little nervous about the bike.

Mile Five: Karen and I pass by a ranch that has horses, sheep, goats, and a border collie who keeps them all in line. It is so amazing that we get to see the horses run(like they do in the movies). I say “Now, that’s a walk break”. It was one of the most amazing moments of my life.

Mile Six: Karen and I keep going, she is getting tired. I tell her that Madonna came on my ipod so I start singing and clapping(along with praying). I feel good. I’m getting into a groove.

Mile Seven: Karen gets inspired and starts running(also she is in her last leg of the relay). She tells me thank you and wishes me well. I thank her as well. You don’t realize how much running with others helps until you don’t for a while.

Mile Eight: I am running. I find that there is no one around me so its just me, God, and my ipod. I am maintaining.

Mile Nine: I am running. Everything that I ate has caught up to me and I start to get sad because this happens to me at every race(I always have to make a pit stop which hurts my time). I just keep thinking about mile ten.

Mile Ten: I am running. Finally I see a port a potty. Hooray. I feel much better and keep going.

Mile Eleven: I am running. I am hot. I am overdressed. But I still push forward. I see a lady and we start chatting. Actually, she chats and I don’t talk at all. She wants to run intervals together. I agree. Then I realize I have to keep going.

Mile Twelve: I am running. There is a turn around and the lady doesn’t cheer me on, she just looks at me(probably thinking what is this lady doing). I don’t know. What is this I see? Is it a camel? Why, yes it is a camel because someone decided they just had to have a camel. I have now dubbed the race a safari. I have seen more animals in this race than I have seen at the zoo. I am again in awe. I didn’t know people could own camels. Every time I see an animal I say hello and wave to it(yep. I am one of those people).

Mile Thirteen: I am running. I see the lady that I was chatting with earlier. She tells me she lost some time because she went to go play with someone’s dog(I would so do that too). I see a family looking at the race and I say hello to a little girl.

Mile Fourteen: I am running. I can’t wait to be finished. The lady who chatted with me came back and she is still talking. She mentions that she is getting sore. She doesn’t think she can run it in.

Mile Fifteen: I am still running. I run to the finish. My friend sees me and I just burst into tears. I am given my race medallion which is a stone embossed with Endurathon on it and I give a look like “Is this it?” I don’t have a lot of experiences running races that don’t give out flashy bling. So my friend explains to me that some races don’t give you anything. Wow.

Mile Sixteen: The last mile felt like two lol. I was so slow that I missed the food. I found a left over gallon of water and grabbed a cup to get a drink. I am sad that I didn’t do as good as I thought(but hey I finished). I can’t stop thinking about next year. A few days later I find out that I placed in the top ten in my age group(whoo!) and hey look, I have a new PR because every time you do a race for the first time it is a PR lol.

So here I am, I do endure.

PR: 3:36 (9th place)

65th place for all women

123rd place overall

What are you enduring?




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  1. That is awesome! I have always wanted to do some sort of race but I am just not a runner. I seem to get to bored to fast by it. And then I see other people who just love it. I guess its just not my thing. But I loved this blog! Mile by mile it was interesting!

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