What I Think About When I Think About Running And Life


Hey blog peeps,

I had intended to write about running yesterday but the day got away from me. Tomorrow is my first 25k and I could not be more excited. I really enjoy being outside and the closer to nature the better. Its so neat to be able to run on something other than concrete. It is also very peaceful.

I had this huge blog planned about ultra running(since I am a newbie) but I really don’t have too much to say about it except ultras are for people who get bored with marathons lol. Ultras are for people who love being outside. Ultras are for people who love pushing themselves to the next level. I like to think I am being conservative by saying that I will only run a 50k but who knows maybe next year or in a few years I will talk about 50 milers and 100ks. You see how its kind of a progression lol.

Ultra runners are definitely their own breed and I have had the opportunity to be online friends with a few and have read a few books, oh and follow a ton in trail magazines(but who’s keeping track), let’s just say that ultra runners are some of the neatest people you will ever meet.

So, since I am on a running kick(or a racing kick I guess), I decided that it would be cool to run a race on Valentine’s Day. What a way to show cupid that I am not going to be down on V day haha. Well, one of my friend’s(okay this guy that I have totally had a crush on for awhile but who’s keeping up with all of that?) decided that he wanted to run a race together. Well, I suggested one that I am doing toward the end of next month and then of course he found a cupid run(where you have to run in your skivvies).

Well, I was this close to doing it and then I remembered that I have church on that day lol. Yep, the only race that I miss church for is the Rock and Roll marathon(even though no one ever puts me in their calendar) and this past year, I was actually able to make it to church after the race(a miracle day). So, now that I find myself actually adding races to my calender(I always wanted to be able to do that), I have an actually small window for races. Basically, I can run most Saturdays(because the library closes early) and the second or fourth Sundays(because I am set for the first and third Sundays).

So basically I can run as long as my library time and church aren’t too badly impacted. Luckily most races are done pretty early in the day. In other news, I decided to try doing headstand last night. It was hilarious. I can get into headstand but then my legs don’t know what to do so I flip forward. Last night I tried it three times(much better with wall assist) and I flipped into a trash bag, a stack of towels(I got smart) and some kitchen stuff). My head and neck didn’t hurt. I took a nice hot soak anyway. I just basically had a good time laughing at myself. My friend’s gave me some tips about getting into headstand and they mentioned that it helps to have a triangle base. I also think it will be better when I lose some weight. But like anything else, it takes practice. The cool thing is, I can’t say that I can’t do it.

Today is one of my good friend’s birthdays. She is having a party this evening but since I have to get some shut eye before the race tomorrow, I am going to get her present and drop it off at her house. Plus, I think I am getting old(or my introverted side is becoming a force field) because I don’t really like being out at night since I don’t have my own wheels at the moment.

In the irony of all ironies, Match.com sent me an email about a reduced rate and some of my classmates extolled the virtues of Eharmony(they both found success there). But I feel like I can’t give in. Also, I can spend that kind of money on races or ancestry searches lol. So please keep me in your good thoughts.

Well, I hope you have a great day and I will be sure to give a race report tomorrow 🙂




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