When I Don’t Follow My First Mind


     Today I went to a meeting with friends and the topic was ego. It was a great meeting. I learned a lot. I generally see ego as something I have to get far away from because it leads me to destruction.
     After the meeting a friend and I agreed to go for a run. I went home to put up my stuff. When we met up I realized I had my glasses on. I never have them when I work out. So I put them in my pocket. Then I thought that I would break them so I put them in my gloves and called myself hiding my gloves.
     There were two guys walking behind us. They said hello, I said hello back. They went to a table and we went running. I saw another guy. I decided to go get my gloves and they were stolen.
I cried and screamed and ran after the guy. He said that he hadn’t seen those guys. I was a mess. I walked my friend back and ran every where I could asking people if they had seen those guys. Nope nothing. I saw a friend who helped me back track and nothing. I called the police and nothing.
     I can’t see far without my glasses. I can’t function without my glasses. I called my sponsor and she told me to pray for those guys. I did. I found an eye place and I was able to get an eye exam and two new pairs of glasses. I was able to get new gloves too.
     Everything worked out but I’m still mad at myself. I don’t know what I was thinking. I’m glad things worked out but I’m sad.
     I’m going to keep my glasses inside and listen to my first mind. I’m going to bed. I’m thankful but I’m not looking forward to tomorrow. I still get nervous on the first day of school.


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