Looking Back On 2014


     As I was ranting on Facebook,  a friend told me to reflect on the great year I had. I scrolled through Facebook to remember. I made a list.
In no certain order:
1. I started and completed my counseling internship
2. I graduated with my second Master’s degree in Community counseling
3. I was accepted into and entered the Ph.d program
4. I completed my first semester of the Ph.d program
5. I learned SAS(Statistical analysis software)
6. I did statistical research
7. I shared experience,  strength,  and hope at Haven twice
8. I made great friends
9. I broke up with Sargent Pepper twice
10. I ran a lot
11. I completed my fifth marathon(half)
12. I met Meb
13. I got my own place
14. I got a steady job
15. I’m staying sober
16. I didn’t attempt suicide
17. I laughed a lot
18. I danced a lot
19. I forgave a lot
20. I visited my family for the holidays
21. I visited Washington, DC as a tourist
22. I tried to find joy in every moment
23. I blogged a lot
24. I tried to be more mindful
2015 is wide open.
Here’s to more life

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