A Series Of Fortunate Events


     Yesterday,  I went to a meeting and saw a lot of friends. They told me about all that was going on and told me I waa missing out. Well, one friend said that I had to go to a big get together and that she would take me(a big deal when you don’t have a car). I was super excited.
Well, when I got to the event I heard from my professor. It turned out that I had completely misunderstood him and I did in fact pass! In fact, I passed all of my classes. I had worried all semester that I would fail and that was never even the case!
     All I can say is I am a walking miracle. We all are in fact. God works and moves even when we miss the mark.
     Then my friends invited me to another great meeting that I rarely get to go to but always enjoy. I saw a lot of friends that I haven’t seen in awhile.
     The night before I dyed my hair and it turned out reddish purple. So, I bought a brown gloss to try and help the roots.  Let me just say that I have the most supportive friends in the world because people told me that they really liked it. That meant a lot. In other news,  this truly may be the last time I dye my hair lol.
     I’m going to say this, it may sound funny but I mean well. There was a guy who talked about how grateful he was to meet me and how much I had helped him. I was so shocked, that I almost cried. My friends gave me the eye(that said you better go talk to him). Later I did talk to him. Let’s just say that no matter what you think about yourself,  people are watching you all of the time. People are listening to you all of the time. You matter. This really shook me to the core because I have never had that experience before.  I have had people say nice things to me which I promptly blow off, but to have someone say that I helped them in some way is huge. Like, I totally reevaluated my life.
   Then I met someone else you said that I was sweet and kind. Just when I was complaining that no one ever sees me that way, I was again all wrong. I was so wrong. I matter. I have meaning in the world. That’s huge for me. That also means that I have to work on shutting off my negative self talk because it will make me think and believe things that aren’t true at all.
     I also met someone who is into meditation and gave me the 411 on all of the cool meditation spots that are close. We had a great discussion about readings and teachers.  It was great.
     I brought a treat for the White Elephant gift. The gift that I got was an erotic game and I was so embarrassed and shocked that I’m pretty sure that I turned redder than my hair. I had to show it to everyone. Then I promptly gave it to a couple lol. Alls well that ends well.
     Today I am excited about church and doing laundry. I love doing laundry,  its kind of a meditation in itself. I hope you have a wonderful day.


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