When Your Day Is Great


Today started out funny, my body did not want to get out of bed, but I did anyway. I went for a nice run. I was just really excited not sure about what exactly but excited none the less. I got a beautiful Christmas card from my best friend. I put it on the fridge(that’s where I put all of my important stuff).

Last night I was looking for my ipod(I have three kinds of ipod) and I couldn’t find it. The one that I thought was broke seemed to work ok. But now I miss the other one because it has all of my playlists on it. I hope I find it soon. Not a major problem but a minor inconvenience. I love music. Plus, I love running with music.

Tonight I am going to help out at the shelter for a Christmas event that sounds like a lot of fun. I love giving back especially to a place that helped me so much. I guess I could clean up my place until then lol. I have got to get a handle on my clutter.

Tomorrow I am going out to lunch with a work buddy. I can’t wait to just relax and eat some tacos. It hasn’t been the same since our other buddy moved. We all miss her a lot.

This weekend a new friend is taking me out(I’m calling it an un date). I think it is important to have all kinds of friends. Friendship brightens the soul. I’m calling it an un date because I just want to be friends with this person. He is kind and I am hoping he understands/gets the picture. Also, I will have my own funds so I can totally go dutch if that will help make things easier. I think as long as I keep things on the up and up, things will work out.

The other day I had a weird exchange with an old ex(who was questioning some of my friends). I let him know that they were my friends period. Early sobriety can be a total influx of emotions and feelings and I thought it was so interesting that he was trying to act like my friends had no right to talk to me. So he made his grand exit and that was that. Here’s the deal, as sassy as I can be, I like to give people the benefit of the doubt when I can(and when I am on the other end of that I try and accept what the person is telling me/presenting to me). Some of my newer friends have been better friends to me than the old ones, so I don’t act like I only have loyalty for people I have known the longest. Especially when it comes to him so clearly he sees our friendship one way and I see it totally differently).

In the meantime I am just waiting to find out my grades. I got an A in my methods analysis class which is always awesome(I missed getting an A+ by half of a point but that was my fault and I am not going to be mad about it). So, hopefully it continues to be good news all around.

So all in all I am having a great day. So great in fact that I brought my whole box of cereal to work lol. Good times.




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