When You Take A Step Back


So I had an interesting exchange with a friend last night and today about something that I think is strange. Finally at the end my friend said that I could actually opt out of the discussion at anytime, which I proceeded to do. Then I went for my morning run. For some reason it is getting a little bit colder each day.

The thing for me is I don’t enter conversations/discussions thinking that I am going to get into an argument with people but I find that because I do think so differently from others that maybe it is best that I don’t enter into said conversations/discussions. So maybe that will be one of my new years resolutions, to have more inner peace and not engage in conversation that goes nowhere.

When I was on my run all I could think about were all of the running tights that I want and all of the shoes that I would have in my dream closet. I really like one of the older Brooks series and I don’t understand why they have to be the same price as the new season’s shoe. I also don’t understand why a nice pair of running tights have to cost as much as a nice pair of shoes.

Don’t get my wrong, a pair of yoga pants from Lulu Lemon has been on my bucket list for four or so years but I just wonder what the point is. I know they make your butt look good. I’m just trying to justify the purchase(although the LuLu’s are cheaper than the running tights).

In other words, I don’t really have serious things to worry about at this moment in life and that is a good thing. I had an interesting discussion about running today(someone asked me a question). Then it dawned on me, how many things do we tell ourselves that we can’t do. How many things do we tell ourselves are for other people? At the race, some of the ladies that I was casually talking with said to me that certain things I said were the “white” side of me talking. I don’t see it that way, I just see it as me being a complex human with varied interests.

Keep shooting for the stars no matter who misunderstands 🙂




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