When The Day Goes From Good To Goo


I had such high hopes for today. I got in a nice run with friends. I made some yummy food to eat. Then I decided to go to the library and check out some books for the Christmas break. I walked to the library(that I have been a patron of for atleast five years). I find a few books and when I go to the self checkout I receive an alert that I need to see someone at the desk. When I proceed to the desk, the attendant lets me know that my card had expired. I show him my current drivers license which has my PO box on it, he says that he needs something with my physical address on it. I rifle through my purse and I don’t have anything. I was not about to walk two miles home for that. So I let him know that the policy makes no sense. Another attendant tells me that that is their policy. I let her know that I understand and I just want them to understand that the policy is insane.

I was pissed. I walked home and thankfully my laptop worked so I could read my over 200 ebooks lol. I ranted online and I sent the library an email. I decided that I will boycott the library until they change their policy. Here’s the thing, why would you have a policy that disenfranchises a huge portion of the community? Library books are free and should be accessible to anyone who shows some form of id(even if it is just a school id).

Then I headed to the library to work on my paper and I ran into an old acquaintance who asked me about my ex and told me about the last time he had seen him. Here’s what I don’t understand, why does everyone give me a play by play on my ex? Do I have a sign on my forehead that says “Tell me about my ex”? I mean, as long as I am not in immediate danger, I really could care less. Yes, I get it, he is still high. That is the choice that he made, so technically, he is fulfilling his life’s desires. Can I just try and fulfill mine without having to have him in the conversation? I mean when people see him, it isn’t that he is asking about me, he’s literally just high.

Ok rant over for now, I have to get this paper done(I only have a few pages left and I am in that phase of it has to be perfect).



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